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Kingdom Sight Studios and Parables Announce First of Kind Reality Series “Behind the Scenes: A High School Story”

Westminster, CO – February 26, 2017 – Kingdom Sight Studios and Parables prepare to launch “Behind the Scenes: A High School Story,” a documentary style reality show that provides viewers with an unprecedented look behind the challenges of indie filmmaking and the passion that drives them on.

The Story follows Nathan and Mike Flack the VP of Kingdom Sight and chronicles their efforts as they work through all the facets of making a film, from script to casting to production to the final product.

They are a David to the Goliath of Hollywood. Faced with several insurmountable odds, the pair takes viewers on an intimate and emotional walk through the drama of slaying the giants of an accelerated timeline, the struggles of trying to secure funding, finding the right cast and 6 weeks of production in a state where the weather can change in an instant. Victory comes with keeping faith alive.

“They’re not from Hollywood. They don’t have named actors or a recognizable face. They don’t have a big budget, or any budget for that matter. They don’t do things like others do, and that’s exactly how they like it,” stated Isaac Hernandez, VP of Programming for Parables.

This is a Parables original that will premiere on Upliftv this spring.

“Our goal is to tell great stories that connect with people where they are. We don’t want to be something we’re not. We’re not making a big budget blockbuster but we want our films to look and feel like one,” says Nathan Blair, owner/writer/director of Kingdom Sight Studios. “This is a mission, a calling that has been put on us. We want people to watch our films and walk away inspired to grow closer to Christ, whether that’s a re-connection or a first-time meeting.”


About Kingdom Sight Studios

Kingdom Sight Studios is a small independent film company located in Westminster, CO. The company has produced two successful feature films so far, “A Perfect Chord” and “2nd Greatest” with screenings on the Duck Commander and KLOVE cruises and placement in prominent retail locations. Their mission is to encourage a relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of film, and the team has an active roster of upcoming projects. Their newest film, “A High School Story” asks the question, “What if the Bible took place in high school?” Owner Nathan Blair is the lead writer and director of the films as well as the DP and editor. Mike Flack is Vice President and Director of Sound and Score. The two have been friends and filmmakers since 2013.  Kingdom Sight Studios Ltd. Is located at 10632 Van Gordon Way, Westminster, CO 80021, (720) 432-7221.

About Parables

Parables, a 24/7 network that delivers thought-provoking and inspiring faith-based entertainment, is owned and operated by Olympusat Inc., one of the largest independent media companies specializing in ownership, distribution, production and technical services. The company has established itself as a leader in the Hispanic television and media space through its 100+ SD and HD Spanish-and English-language television networks. Olympusat’s networks include a distinctive Faith & Family and Specialty Suite representing some of the biggest networks in the industry.

For more information about Parables please visit: