iZotope Delivers Everything Needed to Get Started with Audio Repair

New RX Plug-in Pack and free educational resources bring great-sounding audio within reach.

iZotope, Inc., makers of award-winning tools for audio production, is announcing two new developments that support the creative community’s pursuit of better-sounding audio. 

The first is the new RX Plug-in Pack, a kit of four essential audio repair plug-ins that clean up flawed recordings and transform them into usable material. This starter pack of repair tools includes De-click, De-hum, De-clip, and Dialogue De-noise—curated directly from RX 5 Audio Editor, iZotope’s industry standard and Emmy Award-winning software for audio repair and enhancement. The plug-ins can be used within audio or video editing software to rescue recordings from distracting clicks, crackles, hums, distortions and other noises.

The second is the new RX Audio Cookbook, a free online resource designed to help solve common audio problems. A valuable reference for users of both RX Audio Editor and the RX Plug-in Pack, the cookbook features dozens of searchable tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions, audio examples, and videos for rapid repair and enhancement. Musicians and post production professionals alike will appreciate the range of solutions targeted to their specific needs, with everything from “Reducing Hum and Buzz from a Guitar Track” to “Matching Room Tone and Ambience."

“We have found that many RX owners only use a few of RX’s powerful features because they just don’t have the time to learn all the ins and outs of the tools,” comments Claire Hollenbeck, iZotope’s Vice President of Education. “We’re excited to offer the free Cookbook: not only will it help our users solve their audio problems in a matter of minutes, but it will also help them discover new features that they can integrate into their regular workflow."

iZotope will be showing the RX Audio Cookbook, the RX Plug-in Pack, and RX 5 Audio Editor at BVE in London from February 23-25 at Stand L45.

Availability & Pricing

The RX Audio Cookbook is available now for free at rxcookbook.izotope.com.

RX Plug-in Pack is available now at www.izotope.com/rxpluginpack and select retailers.

  • For new customers, RX Plug-in Pack is available for a promotional price of $99 USD through March 21, 2016. After March 21, the product will be available for a regular price of $129 USD.
  • For owners of iZotope’s Music Production Bundle, RX Plug-in Pack is available at special crossgrade pricing. Now through March 21, 2016, RX Plug-in Pack can be purchased for $49 USD (reg. $69 USD). Eligible customers can log into their iZotope Account to receive their crossgrade coupon.

For more information, please visit www.izotope.com/rxpluginpack.