iZotope Adds Enhanced Low-Latency Limiting Algorithm to RX Final Mix Plug-in

iZotope, Inc., a leading audio technology company, recently released a new low-latency limiting algorithm for its newest post-production mixing solution, RX Final Mix. The free 1.01 update enables mixers to deploy multiple plug-in instances across large-format dubbing sessions.

RX Final Mix helps audio post-production and broadcast professionals create balanced mixes that are sonically impactful yet True Peak compliant. The Dynamic EQ and True Peak Limiter modules in RX Final Mix enable editors and mixers to maintain the optimum balance between sonic elements when creating deliverables such as mix stems.

“RX Final Mix is my new go-to True Peak Limiter,” said Steve “Major” Giammaria of Sound Lounge, an audio post facility in NYC. “The dynamic EQ is a great tool for balancing your mix at the bus level, and with the addition of adjustable latency settings in v1.01, RX Final Mix is a fit for any session, no matter how complex."

The latest update includes a new low-latency limiter algorithm (as low as 120 samples at 48 kHz), and an optimized dynamic EQ that uses up to 60% less CPU bandwidth. This pyschoacoustically-enhanced algorithm responds differently based on the characteristics of the audio source to deliver the most transparent output possible. Having a low-latency mode allows audio editors and mixers to deploy multiple plug-in instances in high track-count sessions without any processing delays. In addition, a new “Enable True Bypass” mode provides zero latency for cases when only the Dynamic EQ module is required for sonic sculpting of a surround mix.

“Never have I had such power in such a simple interface. It’s my new favorite toy,” said Damian Kearns, audio post production engineer. “The sound quality of RX Final Mix is so stunning I benched my old bus plug-ins, and my mixes have never sounded better. Now that iZotope has produced such a powerful toolset with such low latency, I can see RX Final Mix actually being used in live broadcasts. It’s that good and that powerful.”

“RX Final Mix had a tremendous reception at launch,” said Matt Hines, Product Manager for iZotope’s post production product line. “We’re very grateful to our user community, in particular the Pro Tools Expert user forum, for rallying around the product, talking about it, giving feedback on it, and helping us to develop a unique tool that is used by audio professionals every day. This latest update 1.01 is just the beginning of what we have in store.”


RX Final Mix 1.01 supports VST, VST 3, AAX, RTAS, and AudioSuite in mono, stereo, 5.0, 5.1, 7.0, and 7.1 surround formats. AU is supported in mono, stereo, and 5.1.

Pricing & Availability

RX Final Mix 1.01 is available for free for existing RX Final Mix customers. Current users can download the update from iZotope’s website.

RX Final Mix is available now for a price of $299 / €279 / £205 MSRP.

RX Final Mix is currently available for purchase on iZotope’s website and at select retailers.

About iZotope, Inc.

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