Insight TV Commissions Unique New Music Creation Series City Beats with Carly Foxx

Insight TV, the world’s leading UHD 4K broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, announces a unique six-part series called City Beats, which takes viewers on a musical journey to uncover the vibe and the spirit of the people in various European cities, both through their personal stories and the soundtracks that underscore their lives. The show is hosted by London-based DJ and electronic music producer Carly Foxx, who each week will create a different track from the sounds and musical influences she uncovers while exploring different cities in Europe.  The series will launch on Insight TV channels and Insight.TV in the summer. 

City Beats continues Insight TV’s reputation as a storytelling channel that taps into the heart of different communities via trending topics and current affairs – this time, through music.

In each episode, Foxx will immerse herself in the culture of a European city and create a track from scratch by sampling (recording sounds of) people, places and things that she uncovers, whilst paying homage to the feel and music history of each city. She will meet breakout artists, local legends and colourful residents, and her new track will encompass all the musical inspirations from her journey. At the end of each episode, Foxx will debut her new dance track in front of a crowd of club-going music lovers. The first few episodes will take place in London, Paris, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Berlin.

 “Our goal with this new series is to take viewers on an immersive musical experience through an iconic European city and tell the story of a city through music — exploring its culture and musical influences. We think Carly Foxx is the perfect host for such a journey given her experience in the world of professional music, and we’re delighted that she’s part of this exciting, creative new series from Insight TV,” says Frank le Mair, Executive Producer at Insight TV.