Increasing TV viewership – Allant uses granular data to drive more audience members to network programs

CHICAGO (August 6, 2015) – Television networks and TV programmers now have a new tool to help increase program viewership. Allant, who works to improve the TV experience for everyone, has released its latest version of Audience Interconnect® for Tune In, which gives networks access to the biggest viewer data set nationwide. This means networks can now solve three main issues:

- Identifying and reaching current and potential viewers of TV shows

- Understanding all TV viewers at a deeper level than just age and gender

- Increasing viewer loyalty to programs                                             

Why AI for Tune In? For each show, potential viewers are an untapped source that represents big ad revenue for networks. In order to reach these viewers, networks must first find them.

“With AI for Tune In, Allant can answer not only who is watching, but also the more important question of who should be watching,” says David Irwin, president of Allant. “This is a critical piece of information that networks need as they work to build an audience for a new show, and they can't get this type of flexibility from a syndicated research company.”

How does it work? Allant’s Audience Interconnect platform develops household-level audience segments based on past viewing habits from millions of viewers’ set top boxes. The segments are built at a granular level and customized to a network’s desired audience for a promotion campaign. In addition, Allant’s Audience Interconnect provides intra- and post-campaign analysis to measure how many viewers are actually tuning in and how to optimize the next campaign.

Since viewers are the currency for networks and advertisers, the competition for them is fierce. Television is available across multiple formats, including DVRs, video on demand and online video. AI for Tune In captures viewer numbers for these platforms.

Irwin adds: “As the TV landscape changes, being able to follow audiences and viewing behavior is critical. Networks are asking, how are online video-on-demand streaming services affecting our audience? Our software–as-a-service platform provides a much richer audience data set on a national household level than others.”

Since AI for Tune In tells networks how many potential viewers there are for a show, it is easier for networks to decide whether to spend $10 million or $20 million on promoting a specific show. Additionally, AI for Tune In helps answer who the more engaged viewers are – those who started watching with the first episode or the fourth. 

Who benefits? “All parties get what they want,” says Chris Murdough, Allant’s senior vice president of advanced advertising analytics. “Allant’s Audience Interconnect for Tune In helps TV viewers stay informed about new and returning shows via data-driven promotions. The additional viewership boosts a series’ attractiveness to advertisers and thus generates more revenue for the networks. It’s a win, win, win for everyone.”

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