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Immersion Neuroscience Reveals What Folks Really Love with a Little Help From PR Mavens at Bob Gold & Associates

Immersion Neuroscience, the world’s most advanced predictive software company unlocking neuroscience to measure what people love, has selected Bob Gold & Associates, a nationally recognized boutique public relations and marketing agency, as its public relations agency of record to help launch its new cloud-based audience prediction platform. The Immersion platform helps companies identify, quantify and predict what live or taped events, training, and entertainment motivate audiences to action so that companies can significantly improve their ability to connect with consumers and increase ROI.

"With more than two decades of research, we’ve developed an entirely new way to understand how the brain values content, and how to predict what content will drive actions with high accuracy," said Paul J. Zak, Ph.D., Founder of Immersion. “We coined the term ‘immersion’ to denote a measurable neurologic state, and today, Immersion offers an easy to use and powerful tool that allows any company to analyze content and predict how audiences will respond. And it doesn't take a neuroscientist to know that Bob Gold & Associates, with their unparalleled expertise and a proven track record, is the right company to help get our story told.”

Immersion’s proprietary solution and software is the world's most accurate way to measure the brain's unconscious emotional responses to virtually any type of content – whether it’s video, music, live events, training, educational resources and more. Developed by distinguished research scientists, Immersion’s simple to use and scalable predictive SaaS platform democratizes neuroscience so that anyone can measure what people love at scale.

“Life doesn’t happen inside a lab,” Zak added. “Until now, companies could only measure what people in the real world said they liked – not how their brains were truly valuing an experience. Immersion is able to measure what folks truly, viscerally love, anywhere, anytime and in real time.”

The Immersion platform infers when the brain values an experience in real-time with a small wearable sensor that can be used anywhere. Unlike traditional neuroscience technologies that use expensive, immobile and delicate lab equipment and require highly trained professionals to collect and analyze the data, Immersion takes multiple measures of brain activity and puts them into an easy to understand 0-10 measure collected every second. Immersion’s clients use the platform anywhere, anytime and at scale, empowering companies to predict future behavior and market outcomes with 90% or better accuracy.

"Immersion is a revolutionary company. With their unique cloud-based solution, measuring brain activity is no longer confined to a laboratory with expensive instruments," said Bob Gold, CEO of Bob Gold & Associates. "There are billions of dollars being spent in original programming, half of which never connects with audiences. Today for every network and streaming service, hits are everything. Immersion has proven, with peer-reviewed publications and blinded studies, its ability to identify hit shows, movies, songs and so much more.”

Because it’s built in the cloud, and not in a lab, Immersion’s software is portable and effortlessly scalable, enabling clients to leverage the power of neuroscience on the fly, anywhere in the world. And while other companies can take months to compile results, Immersion’s software provides an immediate assessment, unlocking the power of neuroscience for anyone without the need for extensive training.

In one study, for example, two measures from the platform – peak immersion, and frustration were enough to predict the top-rated unscripted TV shows with 84% accuracy.

Many leading global brands are already utilizing Immersion in countless ways. This includes shaping content and business decisions by predicting hit TV shows and movies, chart-topping songs, sales bumps, TV ratings, viral content, what has the highest impact at live events, and even HR and corporate training, all by accurately identifying what is truly valued by audience members brains.

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