Hybrik Announces Cloud-Based ProRes Transcoding

Mountain View, CA, – January 24, 2017 - Hybrik, Inc. today announced its cloud-based media processing now supports encode and decode of all Apple ProRes operating points. This important new capability enables more ProRes-based workflows in the cloud. Hybrik’s unique transcoding pipeline allows for the transcoding of ProRes content directly from an Amazon AWS S3 storage object without creating an intermediate file, which vastly accelerates workflows in scenarios where production master files can be hundreds of gigabytes in size.

“ProRes is a critical component of our archiving and delivery solutions,” said Paul Jacobs, director of automation, Technicolor Digital Media. “Hybrik is the only service we have seen which can provide an accelerated ProRes workflow in the cloud."

“Adding ProRes to the array of codecs that we support is an important milestone,” said David Trescot, CEO of Hybrik. “Our customers can now transcode to and from this world-class format while taking full advantage of the benefits of cloud processing for scale and performance.”

Hybrik’s large scale transcoding platform is in use by some of the largest media companies in the world. Its service is based on Amazon’s AWS cloud platform, and provides transcoding, quality control, accelerated file transfer, large-scale storage, and streaming to deliver superb video optimized for every screen.

About Hybrik
Based in Mountain View, Calif., Hybrik is the new standard in cloud-based, large-scale media workflow management. Our comprehensive service cost-effectively delivers video optimized for every screen with integrated transcoding, quality control, accelerated file transfer, large-scale storage, and streaming. Learn more at www.hybrik.com.