Harmonic Product Preview Inter BEE 2014, Tokyo

Nov. 19-21 at Stand 4106

Harmonic Exhibitor Preview -- Inter BEE 2014

Polaris(TM) Playout Management Suite
For the first time at Inter BEE, the Polaris(TM) suite of playout management tools is tightly integrated with Harmonic's market-leading Spectrum(TM) media server family and designed to address the full range of playout applications for broadcasters. The Polaris suite represents Harmonic's first offering in the emerging media orchestration category, which is important as workflows consolidate and simplify, and as video delivery becomes virtualized. 

With the Polaris suite, Harmonic demonstrates a significant increase in its commitment to production and playout solutions, with a particular focus on functional integration of the video delivery chain for greater efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity. Delivery of video channels with advanced capabilities can be achieved in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the resources previously required. 

Harmonic's new media orchestration offerings include the following: 

The Polaris Advance integrated channel playout automation system, offered in partnership with Pebble Beach Systems, raises the bar for integrated channel playout by enabling powerful control and management of the complete multichannel playout workflow from a single interface. Polaris Advance software improves on current integrated channel playout workflows by maximizing flexibility for adaptation to individual customer requirements for efficient play to air, with the simplicity of being tightly integrated with the Spectrum media server system. Leveraging IP control, Polaris Advance facilitates management of the advanced functional-integration features of the Spectrum ChannelPort(TM) integrated channel playout system, and it will migrate to support playout functionality from the Harmonic VOS(TM) virtualized video delivery platform. 

The Polaris Live manual device control application elevates the capabilities of channel-in-a-box solutions by bringing the power and efficiency of fingertip control to all functions of the Spectrum ChannelPort system. The Polaris Live solution delivers fully customizable touch-screen control of video, graphics, DVE, and routing in master control and studio environments. The combined system maximizes flexibility and simplicity of operations with an intuitive user-defined GUI.

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Harmonic VOS(TM) Virtualized Video Delivery Platform
The Harmonic VOS(TM) is a powerful software-based, fully virtualizable platform that unifies the entire media processing chain for broadcast and multiscreen distribution. Enabling the key functions of video delivery infrastructure -- including ingest, compression, graphics and branding, packaging, and delivery -- on common hardware platforms, the VOS architecture leverages IT economics to enable content and service providers to simplify workflows, maximize flexibility, gain operational efficiency, and lower their total cost of ownership. 

The first products to take advantage of the VOS platform are the Electra(TM) XVM virtualized media processor and ProMedia(R) X Origin multiscreen media server. At the heart of VOS is the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine(TM), an encoding module that provides groundbreaking video quality and bandwidth efficiency for SD, HD, and Ultra HD formats; MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, and HEVC compression over CBR; and VBR and ABR streams. By providing video content and service providers with increased operational flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, VOS makes it easier and more cost-effective to deliver video content to a wide range of devices while maintaining exceptional video quality. 

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Photo Caption: Harmonic VOS(TM) Software-Based Virtualized Media Processing

Harmonic ProView(TM) 8100 Commercial Integrated Receiver-Decoder
The first member of Harmonic's new ProView(TM) 8000 family of multiformat integrated receiver-decoders (IRDs), the ProView 8100 single-channel commercial decoder and descrambler is designed to optimize primary distribution of video content over satellite or IP delivery networks. With an advanced feature set and compact design, the ProView 8100 increases workflow efficiencies, cost savings, and reliability for global broadcasters and service providers, simplifying the migration to an IP infrastructure and launch of value-added services. 

The ProView 8100 is perfect for a wide range of applications, from basic monitoring to endpoint delivery from the distribution network. Utilizing the IRD, service providers can receive DVB-S/S2, IP, or ASI signals; decode SD and HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC transport streams to baseband; descramble encrypted programs; and output content to analog or digital. Harmonic's superior video quality and low latency ensure the timely distribution of content at resolutions up to 1080p50/60. Combining these advanced features into a single integrated system architecture dramatically lowers a service provider's capital expenses.

The ProView 8100 IRD can act as a stand-alone unit or as part of a widely dispersed primary distribution network under the control of Harmonic's DMS(TM) video distribution management system to further lower operating expenditures and eliminate the need for costly remote site visits. 

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Photo Caption: ProView(TM) 8100 Commercial Integrated Receiver-Decoder

Harmonic Electra(TM) 9200 Universal Multiservice Encoder
The latest evolution of Harmonic's market-leading Electra(TM) compression family, the Electra 9200 is a multichannel, multiservice encoder in a compact, energy-efficient 1-RU chassis. Part of a complete video headend solution, the encoder supports main and secondary SD or HD channels of constant-bit-rate or variable-bit-rate video using either MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC encoding. It offers high bandwidth efficiency and channel density -- up to four audio/video input processing modules per chassis. 

Superior video quality merges with Harmonic's intelligent function integration in the Electra 9200 to deliver a high-performance unit that helps increase efficiency while lowering service providers' capital and operating expenses.

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Photo Caption: Harmonic Electra(TM) 9200 Encoder

Company Quote:

"Inter BEE 2014 gives us a valuable opportunity to share significant new product releases and advances in broadcast and multiscreen distribution solutions with media companies in Japan and beyond. We will be showcasing the latest in our acclaimed Electra encoder line and ProView series of IRDs, but the most notable highlights will be the Inter BEE debut of our Polaris Playout Management suite and VOS virtualized video delivery platform, both of which have the capacity to transform not just the delivery of video channels, but the full media processing chain." 
-- Katsumi Yamamoto, General Manager of Harmonic Japan

Harmonic Company Overview: 

Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT) is the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure for emerging television and video services. The company's production-ready innovation enables content and service providers to efficiently create, prepare, and deliver differentiated services for television and new media video platforms. More information is available at www.harmonicinc.com.