Gozo’s Citadella Visitors’ Centre wins Best Visitor Attraction Project Award

Gozo’s very own Cittadella Visitors’ Centre was named as the Best Visitor Attraction Project at the Install Awards ceremony held at Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London’s West End.  


The award couldn’t have come at a more momentous time – exactly one year since the Cittadella Visitors’ Centre,an EU co-funded project,opened to the public. The first year has seen in excess of 240,000 visitors.

Sarner was given the challenge of creating the centre in the Cittadella’s abandoned water storage reservoirs. With no historical objects available to display, the company has instead created a complete audiovisual experience in three main areas: the exhibition area, the main show area and, finally, a spectacular 360-degree wrap-around projection and sound show. Sarner selected AV Stumpfl’s Wings Engine Stage system to deliver the content. In addition, image blending and warping was manually implemented by Sarner’s technicians using Wings VIOSO.

Editor Paddy Baker explained what made the Cittadella Visitors’ Centre the stand out winner: “The judges felt that the installation fulfilled the brief extremely well, providing a fully integrated, easy-to-operate multi-language attraction with a high level of automation, and auto-diagnostics that can be carried out by non-technical staff.  In addition, the projection solution exceeded the brief: making use of the architecture of the space produced a better visual result and served to increase the capacity of the theatre space.

John Cremona, Project Leader for the Cittadella Rehabilitation Project, Ministry for Gozo, praised Sarner for their creativity and execution of his vision: “Sarner took our brief and literally ran with it, creating a mesmerising tour through the history of the Cittadella which puts the visitors right there at the heart of it all.  It’s like walking into a living, breathing book where each page is filled with the most wonderful and captivating illustrations that just draw you further and further into the story.  The feedback has been overwhelming - most of the shows end with an impromptu applause and we have even seen visitors moved to tears.” 

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