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Gitty Up, Partners: OWNZONES Media Network to Launch BEST WESTERNS EVER on Amazon and Roku Starting Today

The Western genre rides again thanks to a new SVOD channel being launched by OWNZONES Media Network. The OTT EntTech company will bring BEST WESTERNS EVER to Amazon video channels and via the OWNZONES app currently on Roku, iOS and Android platforms beginning today, giving fans exclusive access to hundreds of iconic Western films and TV series at a nominal monthly subscription fee of $1.99.

Today’s news comes on the heels of OWNZONES’ successful rollout of BEST TV EVER, a subscription content service for fans of vintage TV series that has seen exponential growth, revealing a great demand for niche programming. BEST WESTERNS EVER, the next in OWNZONES’ plans for a full stable of niche vertical channels, was created to satisfy this demand for underserved fans of the Western genre.

BEST WESTERNS EVER will boast more than 400 film and TV titles featuring the genre’s biggest stars, including John Wayne, Dennis Hopper, Gene Autry, Kirk Douglas, Marlon Brando, Bob Denver, Roy Rogers, Jane Russell, Fred Astaire, Burt Lancaster, and Maureen O'Hara, along with cult classics and rare treasures, such as “The Cisco Kid” and “Bonanza” and films like “Rawhide,” “Billy the Kid Wanted,” “Red River Valley” and “The Over the Hill Gang.

“In launching these niche channels, we are recognizing and responding to vastly underserved audience segments by developing exciting, affordable consumer offerings that appeal to their viewing passions,” said Doug Lee, Head of Programming at OWNZONES.  “BEST WESTERNS EVER is a robust channel offering sure to delight Western superfans, who will no longer have to pay high prices to gain access to the titles they love. We’re delivering the best of the genre in feature films and series with one-click convenience.”

Lee adds that, as the end of the traditional TV bundle nears, viewers will be looking to subscribe and spend more in niche OTT services that are of interest to them.

OWNZONES’ launch of BEST WESTERNS EVER and success of BEST TV EVER validate the company’s business model, which leverages the consumer’s purchase mindset with the organic search capabilities of its partners.

These new content services will continue to expand to other distribution platforms to meet the growing consumer demand. Both products will also be available on