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Fox Corporation Integrates iSpot’s Business Outcome and Audience Validation Measurement Into Intelligence Suite

New York, NY — Oct 16, 2019- Fox Corporation (Nasdaq: FOXA, FOX) (“FOX”) today announced a deal with, the market leader for real-time TV ad measurement and attribution, that will give the FOX Network access to a variety of granular performance metrics for advertising across linear and nonlinear inventories.

FOX will employ iSpot’s conversion methodology to capture sales funnel activity resulting from TV ad exposures across its networks and the broader TV landscape. Leveraging performance benchmarks established by iSpot’s long list of advertiser clients, FOX will not only quantify lift associated with its campaigns but also have a basis of comparison for competitive networks and audience selling strategies.

In analyzing incremental demand and sales lift using iSpot’s industry-leading methods, FOX’s portfolio of channels were shown to be particularly strong drivers of ROI for client brands across a number of industries, delivering an average incremental lift of +28.1% —defined as additional demand or sales activity caused by exposure to advertising within FOX programming—above the mean category lift across the 17 advertiser categories iSpot measures in an always-on fashion.

The FOX portfolio outperformed industry-average conversion rates for most categories, and was especially effective in the automotive, quick service restaurant, wireless telecom, travel, and specialty retail industries.

“FOX is committed to providing the most current and reliable outcome measurement capabilities to our brand partners. We are pleased to be working with iSpot to unlock new layers of support for the value of TV advertising and, in particular, the sales-driving strength of FOX’s leading sports, news and entertainment networks,” said FOX Executive Vice President, Sales Research Insights & Strategy, Audrey Steele.

“FOX has a long history of trailblazing the TV industry into the future and this measurement integration is yet another example of incorporating next-generation technologies for the benefit of its customers,” said Stu Schwartzapfel, SVP of Media Partnerships at iSpot.

Having access to attribution measurement at scale enables FOX to perform ad inventory optimization and demonstrate business outcome-based benefits to client partners. In addition, FOX will be able to validate ad impression delivery measurement capabilities that enable a transparent view into the reach and frequency delivered to advertisers across networks, dayparts, and genres at the individual ad airing level.

More About is the market leader in real-time television advertising measurement and attribution. The company’s always-on platform measures impressions and attention for all TV ads in a unified manner across linear, time-shifted, VOD and OTT environments.’s TV attribution solution enables advertisers and TV networks to plan, optimize and transact on business outcome measures. The company delivers its solution in real-time via intuitive and modern dashboards as well as APIs and customized analytics. has hundreds of brands and all major TV networks licensing its enterprise solution.

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