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FourthWall Media® Introduces Reveal Connect™ For Privacy-Preserving Household Matching

DULLES, VA, August 21, 2019 – FourthWall Media, a leader in data-driven television and analytics, announced today the market-wide release of Reveal Connect™, a frictionless household matching product that enables the creation of custom audiences by connecting disparate datasets while preserving privacy. Reveal Connect™ is based on patented technology proven in the marketplace with FourthWall Media’s data clients and as a key component of the Reveal™ analytics platform. Now FourthWall Media is offering Reveal Connect™ as a stand-alone product to companies needing a reliable household matching solution.

Reveal Connect™ provides the software and platform for companies to build custom audiences in minutes and to create dynamic unions of data while not exposing personally identifiable information outside of their networks or premises.

“We are excited to offer Reveal Connect™ to the wider world,” said Ellen Dudar, Chief Product Officer of FourthWall Media. “We have used Reveal Connect™ with many MVPDs, analytics partners, third-party data providers, and various unique custom datasets to power dynamic matching. As more and more companies drive toward outcome-based analytics, we recognize their need to create detailed custom audiences while maintaining control of the process and control of their own customer data. Reveal Connect™ is uniquely positioned to address these needs.”

Reveal Connect™ works by providing networks, brands and agencies the capabilities to create their own matches in house so that PII associated with households never leaves its source. An anonymized, common key is generated to connect attributes, characteristics, and behaviors across datasets. With Reveal Connect™, there is no limit to the number of matches allowing users to dynamically juxtapose many custom audiences as they explore and investigate dataset possibilities.

“We consistently hear three concerns about traditional matching methods when we talk with industry partners,” said Tim Peters, CEO of FourthWall Media. “The first is a lack of control over the process and PII. The second is the length and variability of timing when conducting matches, and the third is the cost of doing matches. We address all of these issues with Reveal Connect™ by putting the product into our partners’ hands and giving them control.”

When partners use Reveal Connect™ to create custom audiences from their first-party data, the turnaround is dramatically faster than existing matching timeframes. Reveal Connect™ empowers users in building meaningful analytics products while maintaining conscientious stewardship of PII and other customer information.

Reveal Connect™ is available today as part of FourthWall Media’s Reveal™ analytics platform, and also as an individual license. Contact FourthWall Media for more information and to learn how Reveal Connect™ can solve your secure household matching needs.

About FourthWall Media

FourthWall Media® is an innovator in data-driven television and advanced analytics, fueled by the largest independent source of second-by-second cable television viewing data. The company’s Reveal™ analytics platform delivers key insights to marketers, agencies, programmers and other stakeholders across the television ecosystem. FourthWall Media provides end-to-end solutions from data collection and processing to audience discovery, optimized media planning, and post analysis and attribution – all made possible through the scalable Reveal™ analytics platform. FourthWall Media is headquartered in Dulles, VA and can be found online at