Forbes Article by SSIMWAVE CEO Outlines How Emmy Award-Winning Tech Drives Consistent QoE on Any Network

WATERLOO, Ontario, Feb. 7, 2019 -- New technologies that mimic the human visual system and predict viewer satisfaction can help the media industry provide consistent, uniform user experiences across any video distribution platform, according to a new article from a Forbes Technology Council contributor.

In "How Technology Is Improving The Video Streaming Experience," Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO and co-founder of SSIMWAVE®, discusses how broadcasters, cable system operators and content providers can use systems built on an Emmy Award-winning algorithm, artificial intelligence and machine learning to see what the viewer is experiencing.

Using probes deployed at every stage of the delivery chain, the technology allows media companies to overcome the diversity and fragmentation of today's video networks to generate data that quickly can produce a single quality score that can be compared against an accepted industry norm. Moreover, the technology can quickly identify proposed solutions when Quality of Experience (QoE) is being jeopardized.

"The system that moves a video from camera to end user consists of a linked network of pieces, with each link is controlled or owned by an individual player," writes Dr. Rehman. "Each of those players has a unique task and a vested interest in the performance of their own equipment and the ultimate success of their own task, and therefore less of an interest in the entire chain."

"By working together, by agreeing on a single quality metric that begins and ends with the satisfaction of the viewer, significant improvement of video quality is achievable. By deploying this technology across the entire delivery chain, the video arrives intact, on time and with the quality that was originally intended when the content was created."

In the article, Dr. Rehman describes differing ways that the video industry is addressing the Quality of Experience issue, including Netflix's use of video multimethod assessment fusion that utilizes machine learning to determine video quality. He notes VMAF's utility for pre-recorded programming, when time exists to check and re-check files, but adds that SSIMPLUS excels in such cases as the Super Bowl and other livestream events, when there is no margin for error.

SSIMWAVE will be demonstrating the SSIMPLUS™ human visual system at Mobile World Congress February 25-28 in Barcelona, and at the NAB Show April 8-11 in Las Vegas.