Facilis Technology Unveils Version 7 of Shared File System and Deploys New Technology to Increase Performance and Scalability at NAB 2017

HUDSON, MA (January 31th, 2017) – At NAB 2017, Facilis (Booth SL7920), a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, will introduce version 7.0 of its award-winning TerraBlock shared storage system and showcase changes that offer significant performance gains for both new and installed TerraBlock storage networks. With ever increasing media file sizes, and HDR and VR workflows continually putting pressure on facility infrastructure, the newest storage products from Facilis are aimed at future-proofing their customers’ current storage and offering the most powerful new systems available.

Through the use of drive set aggregation and offload of some server processes, this newly announced technology places Facilis systems into a new category of performance. With speeds over 4GB/sec available from a single volume, these systems offer industry-leading capability. Customers will also benefit from enhanced system redundancy and data resiliency, all while receiving near-linear scalability of bandwidth when expanding the network.

“We have never announced such a leap in performance with a single release,” said James McKenna, VP at Facilis Technology. “Through the use of technology currently in development, existing customers will be able to substantially increase the effective bandwidth of their systems.”

Speed isn’t everything, so Facilis is also developing tools that increase the efficiency of administrative tasks, and improve the end-user experience. Newly-designed server and workstation monitoring interfaces, remote volume management console and a more integrated user database will be among the many improvements.

Also showing at NAB will be a new version (v.1.5) of the Facilis FastTracker, a comprehensive application for cataloging, searching and viewing any media type within the Facilis TerraBlock network shared storage system. With its simple drag-and-drop interface, FastTracker is the fastest way to find, view, and access media in your project.