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Extreme Environments and Mysterious Creatures Unearthed in The Weather Channel's New Original Series, “Natural Born Monsters”

From land prowling fish to giant predatory reptiles and more...adventurer and explorer Sean Duggan treks to the most remote stretches of the globe in search of mysterious creatures that have adapted to extreme weather and environments in “Natural Born Monsters,” (formerly “How Weather Created A Monster”) a new original series premiering Monday, September 21 at 10 p.m. ET on The Weather Channel. Duggan journeys around the world to unearth these fascinating creatures and investigate how weather came to shape both the wild claims around their existence and the wild beasts themselves.

Viewers will be able to preview the first three episodes of “Natural Born Monsters” via video on demand across participating TV providers beginning Monday, September 7 – a full two weeks before the linear premiere on Monday, September 21.

In the premiere episode of “Natural Born Monsters,” Duggan travels to Australia to uncover the truth behind the mythological sea serpent, and whether the creature actually exists. He enlists the help of Dr. Mitch Ladyman, a local herpetologist and ecophysiologist, to track down this mysterious creature. Is it simply a legend, or is it a relative of the Australian Tiger Snake, one of the most venomous snakes on Earth that has adapted to the harsh weather of the continent’s extreme southern coast? Duggan and Ladyman explore the region to find out.

"Natural Born Monsters" is produced by Karga Seven Pictures ("Tornado Alley," "Alien Encounters," "Futurescape") and will feature 8x 60-minute episodes.