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Expand Your Horizons with the PANAVISION PANASCOUT App

Revamped Interface Offers Enhanced User Experience; Now Available on Android and Windows 

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (May 28, 2015) - Panavision has released a new and groundbreaking version of its popular PANASCOUT application. Adopted by industry professionals as an essential creative tool during preproduction, PANASCOUT was the first application to allow capturing and sharing of images encoded with the crucial metadata needed on location scouts. PANASCOUT is available for free on all mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows platforms. A wide range of intuitive functions and a redesigned user interface make it even easier to record and share images and information with the entire creative team.

PANASCOUT now offers video capture in PANAFRAME, a framing overlay that displays a choice of aspect ratios from true widescreen 2.40 (Anamorphic), to 1.85 (Super 35mm), 1.78 (16:9 HD), and 1.33 (4:3) and custom. Metadata automatically incorporates date/time, file name, focal length, aspect ratio, and any notes added by the user, which can be saved to a folder or the device's library. A "Map it" button allows photos to be plotted on a map identifying the exact location where they were taken. Additionally, by clicking the "P" button, users can find contact information for the closest Panavision office anywhere in the world.

Additional features available via in-app purchases include:

  • Video capture - now with PANAFRAME overlay and metadata
  • Folder management - organize, rename and sort photos/videos
  • Customization tools - create custom aspect ratios and control the transparency of the masking bars
  • Additional image data - add GPS coordinates, compass direction, and sunrise/sunset to image metadata
  • Sharing capabilities - send images and videos direct to Dropbox, YouTube, Tumblr or email
  • Zoom and Prime lens controls - options for previewing with Zoom and Prime lenses, which includes a focal length display in the 35mm film format equivalent. Built in functionality automatically identifies each device camera and then converts the focal length to display the equivalent of the 35mm film format
  • Audio notes -- add voice notes to photos, or text notes or tags to photos and videos

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