Evamp & Saanga Mobile World Congress 2016 Exhibitor Preview

Evamp & Saanga -- Hall 8.1, App Planet Stand 8.1K70

At Mobile World Congress 2016, Evamp & Saanga will demonstrate its comprehensive range of mobile apps and Web solutions for the global telecom and m-commerce industries. Evamp & Saanga's solutions offer support for a broad range of industry standards, as well as advanced Web and mobile capabilities, transforming the way that operators do business. 
Key Product Introductions and Demos

m-Jayb Mobile Payment and Order Management System
At Mobile World Congress 2016, Evamp and Saanga will demonstrate the latest version of m-Jayb, its Android(TM)-based mobile payment and order management system for small and medium enterprises. m-Jayb provides on-the-spot, instant payment and confirmation as well as access to transaction reports, payments, inventory catalogs, and more, all through a user-friendly mobile application. Leveraging the system, m-commerce service providers can support the complete sales process, including electronic payments, on mobile devices.

The m-Jayb system consists of a native Android-based mobile application and a Web-based management interface. The m-Jayb app can be seamlessly integrated with inventory and CRM modules, providing sales teams with both off-line and real-time information such as inventory and current pricing models (e.g., discounts). Moreover, the mobile app integrates with payment platforms, enabling payment requests to be processed instantaneously.

By providing enterprises with a simple, affordable, and customizable solution for customer management, order management, and secure payments, m-Jayb enables telco operators to drive new sales and revenue from the enterprise segment. 

Mobile VAS
Evamp & Saanga offers a broad portfolio of Mobile Value Added Services (VAS). At Mobile World Congress 2016, the company will showcase its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform for large-scale telecom applications. By providing operators with a cost-effective, reliable, and scalable solution, the IVR platform enables voice services to be deployed quickly on a local and international level, increasing revenues and customer retention.

Ideal for low average revenue per user (ARPU) markets or those with low data penetration, Evamp & Saanga provides operators with a fully managed service approach to deploying award-winning IVR services that effectively penetrate the customer base. All telecom provisioning, 24x7 operations, port capacity, fault tolerance, disaster recovery, customer support, promotion, and analytics operations are managed by Evamp & Saanga, enabling operators to focus directly on critical business and content needs.

TeC Platform
Evamp & Saanga will demonstrate its Telecom E-Commerce (TeC) platform at the 2016 Mobile World Congress. TeC is an e-commerce platform designed to boost sales for telecom operators. Unlike most e-commerce solutions that are built for general retail business, TeC supports the unique business requirements of telco operators and can easily be customized. Offering a holistic customer view of traditional and digital subscribers, TeC enables operators to efficiently manage intangible business products, such as voice minutes, packages, value-added services, and digital content, all through a single portal. Through the robust platform, operators can easily configure, sell, activate, and provision both physical and digital products via retail and online venues. TeC consumes subscriber information from various nodes to create targeted profiles, enabling operators to provide a superior customer service experience, improve ARPU, and reduce churn.

Company Overview:

About Evamp & Saanga (www.evampsaanga.com)
For more than 15 years, Evamp & Saanga has been a leading developer of Web, mobile, and ICT-related applications and solutions for the telco market. Leveraging the latest Web and mobile technologies, Evamp & Saanga creates innovative apps that drive new business and revenue for operators. In addition to providing in-house product development, the company offers development services and system integration. 

Partnering with major telecom operators around the globe, Evamp & Saanga supports a wide range of projects, from websites and e-commerce portals to telecom IT applications, VAS platforms and services, outsourced database development and administration, workflow solutions and mobile applications.

Evamp & Saanga has offices in the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

Image Downloads:

m-Jayb Mobile Application

Mcommerce Fund Transfer App

TeC Platform User Interface

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