ENVY Post Production Standardizes on Telestream Vantage for Mastering and Deliverables Team

Nevada City, California, December 3, 2018 – “Telestream Vantage is responsible for all our mastering and is the main tool used by our Deliverables Department. The workflow creation tools within Vantage are its strongest asset. We have been able to quickly create complex workflows for specific projects that have saved us and our clients time and allowed us to deliver more,” so said Jai Cave, Head of Operations at ENVY Post Production about the company’s decision to position Telestream’s Vantage media processing platform at the heart of its business operations.

Telestream’s local channel partner, Boxer Systems, works closely with ENVY Post Production to specify, install and configure the Vantage systems.

Based in London with six separate facilities and over 180 edit suites, ENVY has in recent years created a new standard in international post facilities. The company has created a one-stop-shop for post production, offering everything from ingest, offline, online, VFX, grade and audio services under one roof. Its scale allows it to accommodate even the most demanding projects and schedules, supported by dedicated creative teams 24/7.

ENVY first started using Vantage in 2014: its growing influence within the facility in the period since has mirrored the company’s strong growth in a competitive international market. “From day one reliability was an essential consideration for us, and Vantage’s proven track record within broadcast gave us the confidence to use it as part of our workflow,” explains Cave. “With the volume of mastering we have at ENVY, speed is a crucial metric. We benchmarked Vantage’s Lightspeed Server against the competition and we are very happy with the performance we can achieve.”

The facility has developed an enviable reputation for its collaborative approach, being involved in major projects from pre-production right through to delivery – its multi award winning creative teams work incredibly hard to deliver the best on-screen experience. They work across a huge range of genres from feature documentaries, such as Under the Wire, to multi-episodic series such as One Strange Rock for National Geographic and entertainment series, such as The Voice and Top Gear.

Supporting this Herculean effort requires a technical infrastructure capable of working with speed, reliability and agility across a range of international media standards from 4K to IMF. “We work with major broadcasters all over the world across every genre, so having a system that keeps up to date with standards and formats is essential for us,” explains Cave. “Vantage’s speed and reliability has allowed us to increase throughput to an already busy department.”

“Vantage gives us the ability to change and adapt workflows instantly, allowing us to accommodate client and broadcaster changes with ease. As we have grown and evolved our business plan, so have we added additional servers to Vantage and I have no doubt that this will increase in the future,” concluded Jai Cave.