Elemental Selected by thePlatform for Advanced Video Processing Services

Hybrid solution balances video processing capacity across on-premise and cloud-based resources to elastically meet spikes in customers’ capacity needs

Portland, Ore. – Sept. 13, 2014 – Elemental Technologies, the leading supplier of software-defined video solutions for multiscreen content delivery, today announced thePlatform has upgraded its mpx Accelerate service with video processing from Elemental. thePlatform has architected a reliable, high-volume workflow with Elemental systems that optimize encoding resources and seamlessly manage fluctuations in processing demand, by coupling dedicated appliances in its data centers with cloud-based resources around the world.

thePlatform is a leading provider of online video publishing and management solutions and an independent subsidiary of Comcast. Many of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies rely on thePlatform’s mpx publishing system as their open, central hub for managing, monetizing and syndicating video across PCs, mobile devices and TV. thePlatform’s mpx Accelerate service enables customers to store high-quality mezzanine video files near their transcoding services, making them easily accessible and reducing the time required to transfer files for processing. mpx Accelerate also delivers extra transcoding capacity that scales when customers need it, and ensures rapid file processing, using Elemental video processing and management.

“Elemental has an exceptional track record of success with many of our customers, so they were the clear choice for us when we sought to upgrade our own transcoding capabilities,” said Marty Roberts, co-CEO at thePlatform. “Together, we’re enabling our customers to meet the growing challenge of reaching multiple screens quickly. In combination with Elemental encoding and management systems located in our hosted data center, Elemental Cloud provides elastic resources that scale with variable demand, giving us instant capacity to respond to our customers’ requirements.” 

Acting as the video processing engine, solutions from Elemental are designed such that on premise appliances pick up incoming jobs from clients for encoding and distribution. However, if demand surpasses encoding capacity in thePlatform’s data centers, redundant management systems are configured to automatically redirect excess video processing tasks to highly available cloud deployments. Virtual resources are then dynamically scaled to accommodate the workload with the same profiles, capabilities and formats used on premise, so video outputs are identical regardless of where they are processed.

“This hybrid architecture allows thePlatform to right size its on-premise encoding cluster for maximum utilization, while reducing the CAPEX required to support its video infrastructure,” said Keith Wymbs, chief marketing officer at Elemental. “As thePlatform continues to expand its service offerings, Elemental’s cloud bursting capability ensures capacity is always aligned with demand.”

Incorporating Elemental software solutions into its architecture provides thePlatform with scalability, high availability and the geographic flexibility to direct encoding tasks to cloud resources in the most appropriate regions, based on content location. Elemental’s software-based approach also allows for seamless upgrades to incorporate new features, providing a clear path for service expansion in line with evolving industry standards and market trends.

About Elemental

Elemental Technologies is the leading supplier of software-defined video solutions for multiscreen content delivery. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the company pioneered the use of software-based video processing to distribute video over IP networks. Solutions from Elemental provide the flexibility, scalability and performance required to deliver high quality video via turnkey, cloud-based and virtualized deployment models. Powering video experiences for more than 500 leading media franchises worldwide, Elemental helps pay TV operators, content programmers, broadcasters and enterprise customers bring video to any screen, anytime – all at once. The company has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Russia, India and Brazil. To learn more, please visit www.elementaltechnologies.com and follow @elementaltech on Twitter.


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