EditShare QUALES brings Automated QC to TMD Platform

Basingstoke, UK — February 26, 2018-EditShare®a technology leader in intelligent shared storage and media management solutions, today announced that its award-winningQUALES Automatic Quality Control and File Verification solutionis now supported by TMD’s Mediaflex-UMS platform. TMD, a leading provider of media asset and workflow management systems for digital and physical assets, leveraged the comprehensive QUALES API and open architecture to seamlessly connect the full gamut of automated quality assurance capabilities into its Orchestrator software-defined workflow engine.

The keys to automating processes like Quality Control are the interface and user feedback. Offering this via a robust yet simple Application Programme Interface (API) is only half the job, building partnerships with market leaders like TMD is essential to the success of the platform,” states Howard Twine, director of software strategy, EditShare. “Strong third-party integrations are an essential component of the EditShare AQC product strategy and I am delighted that TMD has chosen to add QUALES to their extensive portfolio of interfaces.”

The seamless integration allows TMD Mediaflex Orchestrator to access the QUALES Automated Quality Control API, through its agile, software-defined workflows, and trigger content intelligence to check file verification protocols. Once the files are processed through the QUALES AQC engine, the file is then checked back into Mediaflex with the corresponding PDF, greenlighting or rejecting the content based on the predefined delivery specification.

Through this new partnership, both company’s existing and new clients will benefit from the addition of QUALES support to the range of devices available on the Mediaflex-UMS platform, providing more choice,” said Paul Wilkins, director of solutions and marketing at TMD. “It strengthens and builds on our existing relationship that saw Editshare’s native EFS file system support integrated into the Mediaflex-UMS platform last year, to keep us on the leading edge technologically.” QUALES QC solutions will enable TMD customers to QC an unlimited volume of concurrent files at any single time, eliminating downtime they may encounter by having to test one file at a time or doing manual QC.

The flexible QUALES architecture supports additional nodes, allowing operations to easily and efficiently scale to meet demand. There are no extra hidden costs for compliance checking regardless of the format. QUALES supports industry formats and protocols including DPP AS-11, PSE checking and EBU R-128, to name a few.

To discover more or talk with a sales representative, visit the EditShare booth at BVE Expo Stand H14.

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