Easel TV and Vewd use certification to offer a powerful OTT route to market

LONDON, UK.Easel TV, the awarding-winning provider of multi-screen OTT services, today announced successful certification of its Suggested TV service on Vewd Core, the most-deployed OTT platform for connected TV devices, leading to closer ties with Vewd (formerly Opera TV) and providing a new route to market for Suggested TV clients.

Vewd is a market leading provider of embedded TV software for hosting OTT apps and services, and supports  the Vewd App Store,  that is available on tens of millions of consumer TVs and for more than 50 of the world’s largest pay TV operator STBs globally. Easel TV offers a ready-made licenced platform for rapid implementation of an OTT service, website and apps, which can now be made available in the Vewd App Store.

Suggested TV is Easel TV’s direct to consumer OTT platform that provides a broadcast quality OTT solution with all the editorial and commercial tools required to run an end-to-end OTT service. It has a rich feature set supporting SVoD, TVoD and AVoD, which allows those looking to take advantage of Vewd’sextensive portfolio of globally deployed devices, to easily, rapidly and cost effectively create a full OTT commercial service and get it to a mass market.

“This has the hallmark of the perfect tie-up,” said Joe Foster, CEO of Easel TV. “Most quality video service providers require some level of development or systems integration of functionality from multiple suppliers. Suggested TV on the other hand, offers a self-contained, complete OTT service out of the box.”, said Foster.

Today’s consumers want easy and effortless access to OTT content from the devices and services they already have. This market-ready solution enables broadcasters, pay TV operators, TV channel owners and new content providers to offer consumers immediate access to premium OTT content.

“There is increasing consumer demand for popular OTT services and there exists a strong case to enable these directly on pay-TV STB and consumer TV devices,” said Daniel Nordberg, SVP Partnerships, Vewd. “Easel TV has a multi-tenant licenced OTT service - Suggested TV - that can generate premium quality OTT services from a shared cloud platform to a multitude of OTT devices. As the Vewd App Storeis the OTT app store of choice for many of these TV devices worldwide it was important for Easel TV to include us in their portfolio of devices. Our combined capability offers a great strategy for anyone looking at an immediate and complete OTT service offering.” 

The Vewdecosystem is the world’s largest unified platform for connected TV devices spanning almost  50 million devices shipped each year. Suggested TV packaged with Vewd Core, offers content providers effortless OTT integration on Vewd-enabled devices significantly reducing time to market.

The Suggested TV service will be demonstrated at MIPCOM. To book an appointment for a demonstration, please contact contact@easeltv.com.

About Easel TV:

Easel TVoperates a multi-tenant licenced OTT software-as-a-service platform for broadcasters, Telcos, TV operators, content providers and brands.

Suggested TVis a complete OTT solution; covering backend (cloud) functionality as well as comprehensive support of apps on the world’s most popular consumer devices. It allows content providers, media entertainment companies and brands to build best-of-breed digital TV and OTT solutions quicker, with greater reliability, at minimal cost.

Suggested TV’sservice releases include Curzon Home Cinema, hayu from NBCUniversal, Airwave hotel hospitality service, all3media, HTC brand entertainment service.

Suggested TV already boasts an award-winning UX/UI across an impressive range of consumer devices; desktop, mobiles, tablets (iOS and Android), TVs (Samsung, LG, Philips, HbbTV), OTT boxes (Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV), Pay TV (Netgem, Arris, Samsung, Cisco and TiVo), TV browsers (Vewd) and Google Cast.

For more information, visit www.easeltv.com and www.suggestedtv.com.

About Vewd

Vewd is the global leader in enabling entertainment, connecting consumers anywhere to the content they love. By enabling OTT on nearly 50 million connected devices each year, Vewd leads the way in defining the future of entertainment. Our suite of products and services are crafted to simplify complexity and offer solutions that unite the entire value chain, from silicon vendors to end users. Vewd products are used by market leaders such as Samsung, Sony, Verizon, TiVo and many more. Follow us, as we make OTT extraordinary. Visit us at vewd.com.

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