DVB to Make the Case for Standards-Based OTT at 2019 NAB Show

At the 2019 NAB Show, DVB, an industry consortium that develops open interoperable technical specifications for the delivery of digital media, will demonstrate how it is enabling an open standards-based approach to OTT and broadband television, as well as Low Latency DASH (LL-DASH) and Multicast Adaptive Bit Rate (mABR) for video streaming applications. This marks the first time DVB has exhibited at the NAB Show since 2010.

"Broadcast TV works. It just works. You turn it on, and it's there. It works because of open standards and the reliable, robust delivery methods at the heart of broadcasting," said Peter MacAvock, Chair of DVB. "We believe that OTT should work just as well, if not better. If you agree, then come and talk to us at the NAB Show about how we can collaborate on standards to ensure TV continues to work flawlessly, even when it's not always on a TV."

DVB is offering a free exhibits pass for the 2019 NAB Show with the code LV4984.

At the 2019 NAB Show, DVB Will Highlight the Following:

New DVB-I Specifications Ensure High QoS, Robust Delivery, and Interoperability for OTT

At the 2019 NAB Show, DVB will showcase DVB-I, a new suite of specifications that will make OTT delivery just as user-friendly and robust as classical delivery solutions (e.g., DVB-S/C/T and IPTV). Taking advantage of the internet as a distribution platform, DVB-I will bring the best features of broadcast TV into the world of broadband delivery, including integrated channel lists, interactive content guides, and simple lean-back channel selection. As a standardized solution, DVB-I will provide significant advantages related to scalability and cost savings.

Low Latency DASH and mABR Improve Video Streaming Experiences

Also highlighted at the 2019 NAB Show will be Low Latency DASH (LL-DASH) and Multicast Adaptive Bit Rate (mABR), standards that are currently under development by DVB. LL-DASH will ensure that the zapping experience for OTT channels is the equivalent to broadcast, while mABR will allow broadcasters and network operators to work together to optimize IP-based delivery to large numbers of receivers simultaneously.

Executive Presentations:

In the Connected Media|IP debate theater on Monday, April 8, from 12 to 12:40 p.m. Peter MacAvock, DVB chairman and head of delivery, platforms and services in the EBU's Technology & Innovation Department, will participate in a panel called, "Winning Hearts and Minds to Compete in the TV battleground." The panel will examine content discovery, recommendation, and personalization trends. Challenging questions around the readiness of key technologies and standards will be answered, with insights provided about where the user experience is heading and how operators can succeed in building compelling platforms and engaged viewers.

Also on Monday, April 8, from 4:40 to 5 p.m. in the Connected Media|IP presentation theater, MacAvock will give a presentation called, "Evolving Linear TV in an OTT World." During this session, attendees will learn about how the DVB Project is delivering new specifications to enable a standards-based approach to OTT, whether in the context of hybrid broadcast platforms or as a standalone proposition.

Company Overview:

DVB is an industry-led consortium of broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, software developers, regulators and others from around the world committed to designing open interoperable technical specifications for the global delivery of digital media and broadcast services. DVB specifications cover all aspects of digital television from transmission through interfacing, conditional access and interactivity for digital video, audio and data. DVB dominates the digital broadcasting environment with thousands of broadcast services around the world using DVB specifications. There are hundreds of manufacturers offering DVB compliant equipment. To date there are over a billion DVB receivers shipped worldwide.

Further information about DVB can be found at: www.dvb.org, www.dvbservices.com, and www.dvbworld.org.

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