Dreams become reality with BlackTrax

The official BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system representative for Russia is Dream Laser, experts in laser shows, video projection mapping and multimedia performances of any size, scale and complexity. Their main feature is that all their projects are implemented with the help of its own equipment, their own technical team and own design team.

Dream Laser, based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia will be the voice of BlackTrax in their local market in their own language. Evgeny Stepanov, sales director at Dream Laser, Russia, explained: “We took the decision to work with and represent BlackTrax so that we could widen what we do with projection mapping and laser shows. All our staff are expertly trained on BlackTrax systems and capabilities.

“BlackTrax allows us to track people, technologies and objects in real-time and enables a media server to follow, creating a interactive projection mapping or moving projection mapping. Our company will greatly benefit from using this technology where we can deliver the very best projects taking our client’s projects to the next level.”

Coinciding with the move, Dream Laser is also a d3 Studio partner undertaking training on both systems and workflow enabling delivery of complete motion tracking.

Using BlackTrax, Dream Laser recently completed moving projection mapping at Beauty contest "Miss Nizhny Novogorod 2016". As a result, director of the bureau "Miss Nizhny Novgorod" was awarded the "Order of Beauty".

Additional Dream Laser projects include:projection mapping of Europe’s highest statue. At a height of 85 meters, ‘Motherland calls’ was featured at the Light of Great Victory Festival, Volgograd, Russia.

Dream Laser was also involved in the live video element of the annual Circle of Light Moscow International Festival. This project was the largest projected image to ever be displayed on the façade of Moscow State University.