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Dr. Mehmet Oz, JungoTV Launch OTT Platform Globally

San Francisco, June 6, 2016 -- JungoTV, today announced an innovative platform that provides the best foreign language television and film content from around the globe to serve the massive need of the more than 100 million people around the world eager to have access to content in their native language from their homeland.  A privately funded venture by industry leaders and global partners, JungoTV is Co-founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Emmy Award Winning television personality and cardio-thoracic surgeon and host of the globally broadcast “The Dr. Oz Show.” The upcoming launch in Fall 2016 of the new international content OTT service will be available throughout the USA and Canada.

A privately funded venture by industry leaders and global partners, JungoTV includes additional co-founders Sandy Climan, CEO of Entertainment Media Ventures and longtime Hollywood dealmaker and George Chung who will also serve as Chief Executive Officer.

“With the market for international content growing rapidly, we knew it was the right time to launch JungoTV, which is the first premium service of its kind serving a global multi-lingual community. After launching The Dr. Oz Show in 118 countries around the world, I have seen this need and this ripening market first hand. Through our partnerships with top-tier global content aggregators we can provide superior quality programming for customers who have waited to reconnect with their culture and lifestyle.” Said Mehmet Oz, M.D., co-founder of JungoTV.

With over 100 million foreign language speakers around the world living outside of their homeland, there is huge, ripe, underserved market waiting for access to the content JungoTV will offer. JungoTV is uniquely positioned to answer this massive demand by providing a rich lineup of high quality, HD and SD streaming content that includes news, entertainment, dramas and sports from leading networks worldwide and is powered by Piksel’s globally scalable OTT platform, Digital Showcase™. A robust Video On Demand (VOD) library is available anytime, anyplace without purchasing additional equipment and new content is available within hours of simulcast.  Prices are lower than cable or satellite TV and no “buy through” of expensive base packages.  With a price point ranging between $9.95-$14.95, creates a compelling value proposition for the customer to become the next level of cord cutters.

“We saw an opportunity to provide these underserved ethnic communities with high quality television content at a low price that they can enjoy and connect them to their homeland in a convenient way”. Says George Chung, CEO of JungoTV.

JungoTV will launch with over 30,000 hours with premium On Demand programming and will target in-language communities including Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Iranian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese and will be available on mobile platforms including iOS and Android, web and most connected devices.

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JungoTV will be distributed in Canada by Nextologies in content partnership with Ethnic Channels Group Limited.

About JungoTV

JungoTV is a global OTT company providing in-language television content to the more than 100 million foreign language speakers around the world living outside of their homeland and available on multiple devices. Co-founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, George Chung, Sandy Climan, with funding by private venture and industry leaders,  JungoTV is a privately held company with global partners headquartered in California. JungoTV is currently offering television and film content in 10 languages.  The name of the company “Jungo” is Latin for “to bring together” or “unite” which embodies the company’s vision of bringing in-language television content to customers worldwide.

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