DPA Microphones Features Its Sought After Broadcast Microphones at NAB 2016

LAS VEGAS, MARCH 21, 2016DPA Microphones will be showcasing two of its most popular broadcast microphones, the d:fine™ In-Ear Broadcast Headset Microphone and d:facto™ Interview Microphone at NAB 2016 (Booth 3336). When paired together, these microphones can be used simultaneously by a show host for guest interviews and audience commentary, while staying in connection with the backstage crew or off-site producers. 

The d:fine™ In-Ear Broadcast Headset Microphone encompasses the best-in-class capsules and mechanical design that have catapulted DPA’s d:fine™ line of headset microphones into popularity. This microphone consists of two cables – microphone and in-ear – that run parallel to provide a sleek look. Two different sized ear pads are included and DPA has taken care to safeguard against audio leakage between the in-ear dividers and the microphone capsule. Capsules can be either omnidirectional or directional depending on need.

A customized fit is ensured for every user thanks to the steel spring construction at the ear hook for quick mounting and the adjustable cable to the integrated in-ear plug(s), able to be lengthened or shortened based on need. The headset mount size is easily altered and by choosing left or right ear orientation, it is possible to give the broadcast host a ‘camera blind’ side. 

Featuring an omnidirectional 2006V capsule, the d:facto™ Interview Microphone’s sensitivity has been adjusted down 12 dB to accommodate the typical sensitivities that come with interview mics and wireless handles. The omnidirectional pattern is preferred for a handheld interview microphone due to less demanding precision in typical interview environments. Further, wind and handling noise is lowered by a rubber suspension mount built into the d:facto™ head.

Traditional broadcast interview microphones are typically wired or wireless, not both. The d:facto™ has the unique capability of using the same mic head in either application. This future-proofs the user’s investment in the microphone’s front-end technology as it adapts to professional wireless brands and new wireless standards.


DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s ultimate goal is to always provide its customers with the absolute finest possible microphone solutions for all its markets, which include live sound, installation, recording, theatre and broadcast. When it comes to the design process, DPA takes no shortcuts. Nor does the company compromise on its manufacturing process, which is done at the DPA factory in Denmark. As a result, DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability and, above all, pure, uncolored and undistorted sound.

For more information on DPA Microphones, please visit www.dpamicrophones.com.