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Dotstudioz Unveils Groundbreaking Technology That Bridges the Gap Between the Distribution of Digital and Traditional Content

LOS ANGELES, CA/VANCOUVER, BC – September 30, 2014 - Dotstudioz, an entertainment technology company, announced today the launch of dotstudioPRO, a platform that powers the distribution, sharing and monetization of video with its all-in-one digital ecosystem, taking multi-channel networks to a multi-platform network. For the first time, content creators will have complete control of their own brand - managing all creative, distribution and monetization channels. The company has also secured $830K in seed funding that will further its mission to empower creators.

“Being filmmakers ourselves, we wanted to find a way to share our content with audiences, but also maintain control of it when it came to distribution and monetization and there simply wasn’t anything in the marketplace - so we developed it ourselves,” said Dotstudioz cofounder Joe Pascual.  “Creators seek long-term, profitable online content strategies and dotstudioPRO allows users to monetize and grow audiences, engage with fans and track performance all in one place.”

To further the company’s mission of supporting the creative community, Dotstudioz has partnered with Highwinds, the fastest Content Delivery Network (CDN) on the planet to provide the highest level of performance, stability and scalability for video streaming. Highwinds CDN is integrated with the dotstudioPRO platform, and for a limited time new users receive up to 1 terabyte per month of CDN usage free of charge.

“For years we’ve supported Dotstudioz and their mission to support the creative video production community,” said Steve Miller, founder and CEO at Highwinds. “With the launch of dotstudioPRO we’re excited that a greater number of users will get to know our CDN capabilities and deliver their content to the far reaches of the world.”

Founded in 2010 by Pascual, Phoenix Gonzalez and Selena Paskalidis, dotstudioPRO empowers users from inception to distribution. The entertainment platform facilitates open transparent communication between media producers, brands and their influencers, while building and monetizing audiences, providing in-depth analytics, earnings reporting and community collaboration tools.

Key Features:
●      The dotstudioPRO dashboard is a scalable solution that grows with users – it allows creators to go from one video to an MCN and ultimately to an MPN
●      It is the first platform that bridges the gap between digital content and traditional linear content. An MCN can enhance their YouTube experience by allowing users to take their content to multi-platforms.  In addition, broadcasters delivering linear programming can become an MCN in a matter of minutes
●      The dotstudioPRO dashboard enables users to add ALL monetization opportunities -  SVOD, VOD and advertising
●      Specialized tools and features allow users to turn on or off geoblocking, paywall and ad-serving capabilities, and customizable publishing templates
●    dotstudioPRO’s analytics tracks real-time analytics, engagement metrics and all monetization metrics from multiple distribution points all in one place - creating complete transparency on the distribution of the user’s content
●      dotstudioPRO is set up for “Big Data” infrastructure to continually add value via analytics and metrics
●      dotstudioPRO is a pipeline that provides tools for delivery and distribution to publishers through multi-platform templates and syndicate to OTT Devices and Smart TV’s as well as Facebook
●      Enhanced customer service support