Discover the Real Action Heroes with Insight TV this November

Munich – October 31, 2018 –Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD broadcaster and producer of native UHD content in action sports, entertainment and lifestyle, is celebrating “Real Action Heroes” with the launch of four NEW adrenaline-filled shows in November.

A Monster Energy collaboration, Born To is a series of 13 life-affirming short films, which tell emotionally-charged stories of talented and successful athletes at the top of their game. Each episode of this stunningly visual show will follow the personal story of triumph over defeat, highlighting the individual’s passion, drive and motivation. The series includes the story of Sweden’s Emma Dahlstrom, a free style skier at the top of her game. Derailed by a couple of untimely knee injuries during her come-up, she has reasserted her dominance over the rest of the women’s field by handily taking the win at the 2015 Winter X Game. In the show, Emma shares what it takes to overcome injuries and how to get back to the top. Other action heroes in the series include Maud Le Car (surfer), Sam Reynolds (freeride mountain biker), Edgar Torronteras (supercross rider), Christian Haller (snowboarder) and Rune Glifberg (skateboarder).

Also in collaboration with Monster Energy, “Dangers of DarkFest" brings together ten of the world's best freestyle mountain bikers on the southern tip of the African continent. The riders’ goal: to compete in the unique sports event "DarkFest". "Dangers of DarkFest", takes a look at the action behind the scenes at the event, getting to know the riders and their stories, seeing first-hand the challenges that come with these events and going in close and personal on the day of the competition as the riders show off their jaw-dropping tricks.

The surf documentary "Taming Jaws" is about the dangerous giant wave ‘Jaws’ at Maui/Hawaii, destined to be surfed by only the best in the world. Skimboarder Brad Domke dares to try the impossible: to be the first skim-boarder to ever ride Jaws. Joined by professional surfers Trevor Calson and the Skullbase brothers Shaun and DK Walsh, who aim to make big wave surfing in Hawaii safer, Brad tries to overcome his own limits. Will he survive the challenge and go down in history of big wave surfers?

In the "30/10 Challenge" Sam Hardy, Nathan Jones and Espen Fadnes, three of the most accomplished wingsuit pilots, come together in Chamonix, France, the paradise for extreme air sports. Challenged by Insight TV, the three of them have to push their own extreme boundaries by completing ten unique, creative aerial stunts within 30 days. To get the best footage ever captured in the history of the world’s most spectacular and dangerous sport, it has all been filmed in glorious 4K HDR.

In all of these new shows, Insight TV’s philosophy shines through: authentic content creation based around thought-provoking characters, highlighting topical issues and experiences that are important to younger generations globally.

"In November our viewers will experience pure action with our four new productions. We uncover the stories of the most talented and courageous athletes in the world and we provide a platform for younger generations that reflects their everyday challenges and future aspirations,” says Arun Maljaars, Director Content & Channels at Insight TV.

"'Dangers of DarkFest' and 'Born to' have been co-produced with Monster Energy and we are excited to announce there will be more projects with Monster Energy in the coming months.”

At the end of November's action sports month, Insight TV and Monster Energy will be broadcasting the extraordinary drifting championship "Gymkhana Grid" ( on livestream from Johannesburg/South Africa on December 1st. The motorsport event, where professional rally drivers compete against amateur riders in various disciplines, requires a lot of sacrifice, mental discipline and ambition from the participants. The spectacle can be viewed via the linear Insight TV channel (in HD) as well as via from 5pm-9pm.


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