Digigram at BES EXPO 2017

Exhibiting With Technomedia Solutions on Stand 63 (IP Audio)

On partner Technomedia Solutions' stand 63, Digigram will highlight a complete range of products designed to address the performance and cost requirements of all IP audio applications. Implemented by the world's largest telecommunications companies, Digigram's IP solutions simplify the capture and delivery of high-quality audio over IP networks. At BES EXPO 2017, the company will feature its audio-over-IP (AoIP) distribution range, focusing on the IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE stereo AoIP distribution codecs, as well as the high-density IQOYA *SERV/LINK multiple-stereo or multichannel AoIP codec for professional IP audio distribution. These codecs are the best available on the market, winning the Critical Embedded Solution Trophy in 2014. Digigram will also unveil its new compact, high-density, ultra-low-power IQOYA *X/LINK. This new platform integrates multiple IP audio codecs and transcoding servers to facilitate robust low-latency distribution for studio-to-studio links (SSL), studio-to-transmitter links (STL), DVB radio, and web radio programs from low-latency, AES67-synchronous AoIP sources.

Audio-Over-IP (AoIP) Distribution Range

IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE Audio-Over-IP Codecs for SSL and STL Applications

The IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE codecs are full-duplex encoding and decoding solutions that provide uncompromising performance for IP-based studio-to-studio and studio-to-transmitter links, as well as audio program delivery to DVB operators. Developed in collaboration with major European telcos, the IQOYA *LINK/LE codec is a cost-effective version of Digigram's full-featured IQOYA *LINK codec that gives broadcasters the benefit of 24/7 reliability, audio format flexibility, ease of use, and affordability.

Based on FluidIP(TM) technology, the smart IP audio streaming engine developed by Digigram, both IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE boast high field-proven mean time between failures (MTBF) and very low back-to-back latency while employing a host of state-of-the-art features to guarantee audio quality and continuity. With audio synchronization based on Network Time Protocol (NTP), these Digigram solutions enable operators to provide a seamless listening experience for users on the go even as they move among the contiguous transmitters used in a multifrequency network. An intuitive web-based user interface simplifies configuration, control, and monitoring and gives users access to real-time metrics on the network.

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Photo Caption: IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE Full-Duplex Audio-Over-IP Codecs 

IQOYA *X/LINK: A NEW System for Cost-Effective IP Delivery of Multiple Audio Programs to Multiple Targets
In response to the market's increasing demand for IP audio solutions capable of addressing multiple targets, Digigram has introduced IQOYA *X/LINK. Housed in a 1-RU fanless rack, this compact, high-density, ultra-low-power platform integrates multiple IP audio codecs and transcoding servers to facilitate robust low-latency distribution for studio-to-studio links (SSL), studio-to-transmitter links (STL), DVB radio, and web radio programs from low-latency, AES67-synchronous audio-over-IP (AoIP) sources.

Built on an enhanced version of Digigram's award-winning IQOYA ARM-based platform and powered by the company's FluidIP encoding and streaming engine, IQOYA *X/LINK facilitates straightforward encoding, decoding, and transcoding of multiple audio programs for distribution over AES67-compliant networks, RAVENNA networks, or Livewire networks. Facilitating management of multiple audio programs to various distribution targets, the platform supports up to 10 bidirectional stereo codecs and performs multiformat encoding, enabling RTP, UDP, Icecast/Shoutcast, and MPEG-TS/IP streaming. By offering three network interfaces, the system allows users to physically separate AES67 streams, ACIP streams, and management traffic.

IQOYA *X/LINK reduces capital expenditures by eliminating the need for AES67 audio bridges, and its high reliability and low power consumption (10 W) help to keep operating expenses low, as well.

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Photo Caption: IQOYA *X/LINK IP Compact Multichannel Audio Codec for End-to-End IP Transport

IQOYA *SERV/LINK Multiple-Stereo or Multichannel Audio-Over-IP Codec for Professional IP Audio, SSL, STL, DVB, and Web Radio Program Distribution
Digigram's IQOYA *SERV/LINK incorporates multiple distribution codec instances and the company's advanced FluidIP(TM) technology on a single processing hardware platform to simplify the transport of multiple audio programs (mono, stereo, and multichannel) over IP networks in a high-density format. Designed for radio broadcasting and for intercom and commentary for both radio and TV, the IQOYA *SERV/LINK codec allows users to configure multiple-stereo or multichannel solutions for links between studios and between the studio and transmitters, DVB operators, or content delivery networks.

In its compact 1-RU version, the solution can handle up to eight stereo analog channels, 16 stereo AES/EBU channels, 32 stereo MADI channels or multichannel LAN IP audio interfaces (Livewire and RAVENNA), and up to 64 codecs with multiple GPIOs and RS-232 ports for auxiliary data tunneling. The scalability of the system allows users to mix and expand the supported audio I/Os, and a larger 4-RU version provides even higher channel density. The solution supports analog, AES, MADI, Livewire, or RAVENNA audio connectivity and multiple audio codecs (PCM, MPEG L2 and L3, AAC, apt-X), and it is one of the industry's few audio-over-IP codecs that can simultaneously stream raw RTP, HTTP, and MPEG-TS/IP streams.

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Photo Caption: IQOYA *SERV/LINK Multichannel Audio-Over-IP Codec 

Audio-Over-IP (AoIP) Contribution Range

IQOYA *CALL and IQOYA *CALL/LE Audio-Over-IP Codec for Professional IP Audio Outside Broadcast Applications

During BES EXPO 2017, Digigram will highlight its IQOYA *CALL and IQOYA *CALL/LE codecs, which allow users to build reliable low-latency IP audio contribution links while keeping costs under control. These codecs are used by Digigram's Mobile Studio and Ultra Mobility solutions, which bring professional quality to full-duplex connections between a remote site and a studio.

IQOYA *CALL protects the investment of broadcast institutions within large fleets of heterogeneous ACIP EBU Tech 3326-compatible equipment managed by SIP infrastructure. Its front panel enables simple and straightforward usage in all outside broadcast situations. IQOYA *CALL/LE is a cost-effective and versatile addition to the IQOYA range of IP codecs. It easily provides full-duplex IP audio sessions over the internet and wireless connections, thanks to its smart signaling and hassle-free symmetric RTP connection mode.

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Photo Link:www.wallstcom.com/Digigram/Digigram-IQOYA_CALL-LE_front.png
Photo Caption: IQOYA *CALL and IQOYA *CALL/LE Audio-Over-IP Contribution Codecs 

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Company Overview

For more than 30 years, Digigram has harnessed innovation to develop mission-critical solutions dedicated to the contribution, production, and safe distribution of audio content. Digigram sound cards, IP audio codecs, and audio processing software solutions are used in thousands of broadcast, AV, and industrial applications all over the world. Robust and easy to use, Digigram solutions lower operating costs and increase efficiency, adding value to users' operations.

Digigram (DIG) is publicly listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris stock exchange. More information about the company's market-leading audio-over-IP solutions is available at www.digigram.com.

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