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DekTec Products at IBC2016

IBC2016 Exhibitor Preview
Sept. 9-13
DekTec -- Stand 2.B40

At IBC2016, DekTec will demonstrate its wide array of hardware and software components for manufacturers of digital broadcast equipment.

Committed to developing innovative technologies that harness the ever increasing performance of off-the-shelf computers, DekTec has over 15 years' experience in manufacturing affordable PCIe, USB-2, USB-3, and OEM interfaces designed for broadcast professionals.

Key products on display at IBC2016 will include a video-centric 10GbE adapter, 12 x SDI/ASI and 12G BNC interfaces for OEM 4K/UHD applications, an H.264 encoder, and the company's widely deployed range of USB-2 and USB-3 HD-SDI and ASI analyzers and modulators, which support all standards including ATSC 3.0.

Key Product Introductions and Demos

DTU-351 HD-SDI Input for USB-3
At IBC2016, DekTec will demonstrate its DTU-351, a low-cost and portable USB-3 device that optimizes delivery of HD-SDI signals to laptops, tablets, and PCs. The bus-powered unit requires no power supply, dramatically reducing OPEX and speeding up T&M operations. Simplifying the transfer of full SDI frames, the DTU-351 enables access to 16 audio channels and other HANC and VANC packets.

When used in combination with DekTec's SdEye Software, the DTU-351 becomes a portable SDI analysis tool. Aside from the standard Y, Cb, Cr, R, G, B waveform and vectorscope displays, SdEye offers in-depth analysis of SD, HD, and 3G SDI signals. A rich audio analysis feature set, including peak meter, loudness meter, surround meter, and detailed decoding of audio channel status and control packets, and decoding of SMPTE 2020-1-2008 Dolby metadata packets ensures that users have the most comprehensive and cost-effective SDI analysis solution.

The DTU-351 can be utilized for a variety of applications, including HD-SDI waveform analysis, HD-SDI recording, and HD-SDI input for uncompressed video, maximizing operational efficiency.

DTA-2179 12 3G-SDI I/O Low-profile PCIe Card
New at IBC2016 will be DekTec's DTA-2179 high-performance 12 x SD/HD/3G-SDI/ASI PCIe card. The DTA-2179 offers 12 independent bi-directional ports. When 4 ports are combined, the unit can seamlessly generate or receive three 4Kp60 signals via QUAD 3G-SDI links (SMPTE 425-5), enabling broadcast operators to address the growing consumer demand for high-res content.

In addition to offering bi-level and tri-level genlock, the DTA-2179 provides seamless integration with new or existing encoders, decoders, video servers, and analyzers, allowing quick time-to-market for 4K services. When combined with DekTec's Matrix API 2.0, the DTA-2179 card allows operators to support 3G-SDI and 4K applications, separating HANC, VANC video and up to 16 channels of audio flawlessly.

DTM-3224 Standalone Quad ASI to IP Converter OEM Board
At IBC2016, DekTec will demonstrate the DTM-3224, a new OEM module that was recently added to the company's ASI/IP converter line. Using the ultra-compact standalone quad ASI-to-IP converter, broadcast operators can easily and affordably interface transport streams from, or to, a network. Perfect for OEM integration into new or existing non-PC products that require multiple ASI into IP encapsulation, the DTM-3224 offers support for both IPV4 and IPV6, the industry's go-to protocols for use on packet-switched Link Layer networks.

Compatible with IGMP v3 and MLDv2It multicasts, the OEM module offers RTP/UDP with SMPTE 2022 FEC encapsulation to streamline the delivery of video over IP networks. The unit's advanced design eliminates IP jitter upon input, guaranteeing the delivery of superior video quality. The DTM-3224 can be fully controlled via mini USB 2.0, I2C or RS-232.

DTA-2165 Dual 10GbE Interface Card for PCIe
A key highlight at IBC2016 will be DekTec's next-generation DTA-2165 IP video card, which supports the delivery of uncompressed video over IP at high-speed 10GbE rates in accordance with the latest SMPTE and VSF standards. Featuring two small form-factor pluggables for standard network connectivity, the DTA-2165 offers seamless integration into an IP-based infrastructure within modern TV studios. Using the versatile solution, broadcasters can also generate and analyze incoming video-over-IP signals.

DTU-315 USB-3 Modulator
DekTec will be demonstrating its award-winning DTU-315 pocket-sized modulator for satellite, cable, and terrestrial applications at IBC2016. The DTU-315's compact and lightweight size makes it ideal for use with a laptop, tablet, desktop, or PC. Completely agile, covering from 36 to 2150 MHz in the VHF-, UHF- and L-Bands, the DTU-315 supports all constellations and modulation modes, including DVB-S2X, DVB-S2, DVB-T2, DVB-T, QAM, 8VSB, and the next-generation ATSC 3.0 broadcast television standard.

Using the DTU-315, operators can playout transport stream content to a baseband modulator, a channel filter, an upconverter, or an optional channel simulator. The digital RF signal is then converted to analog with a high-speed D-to-A converter and output on a micro-BNC connector, making the DTU-315 the ideal RF test generator for R&D labs as well as DTV equipment development, qualification, or repair. The DTU-315 can also be used for powering on-site customer and exhibition demos, assuring excellent signal quality through direct digital synthesis of the RF output signal.

Company Overview:

DekTec is a leading manufacturer of digital TV interfaces, standalone IP converters, and monitoring systems for test & measurement use cases in the broadcast, cable, satellite, and OEM markets. Relied upon by major broadcasters in over 40 countries, DekTec's solutions guarantee high quality, reliability, and flexibility through a comprehensive and uniform SDK. DekTec offers a wide array of SDI, IP, ASI, and RF interfaces in PCI, PCIe, USB-2, USB-3, and OEM form factors, speeding up time to market for OEM equipment. The company's StreamXpress(R) player and StreamXpert(R) analyzer have become industry-standard for test & measurement applications and are widely used across the globe.

DekTec headquarters, including design and manufacturing operations, is based in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Additional sales and design & development operations are located in Denver, Colorado, and London. Further information about the company and its products is available at

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