Decentrix Releases Next-Generation BIAnalytix Platform for Comprehensive Cross-Media Management and Revenue Maximization

DENVER — Feb. 6, 2018 — Decentrix Inc. today announced the release of its BIAnalytix™ platform featuring its next generation of comprehensive cross-media analytics, workflow management, and revenue optimization. This platform has been widely deployed in daily production by the media industry across MVPDs, networks, broadcasters, digital video publishers, telecommunications providers, and satellite operators to enable effective yield optimization that maximizes revenue opportunities across all content assets and delivery models.

"Media enterprises are becoming progressively more challenged as cross-media content distribution and advertising becomes increasingly fragmented and diversified," said Wayne Ruting, CEO at Decentrix. "While different distribution channels can be managed by platforms custom-built for that purpose, the task of bringing all these varied deployment models together — with confidence in the value of content or audience valuation across all these distribution opportunities — is almost impossible. Even the most experienced and skillful planners find the task daunting, and it is beyond their capacity to make thoughtful and effective stewardship decisions with complex campaigns."

The result of many years of R&D development, the BIAnalytix platform has been implemented by some Decentrix customers as a family of modules and by others as a comprehensive and integrated enterprise solution deployed incrementally across the organization.

Each module of the BIAnalytix platform provides a pathway to ingest the finest granular detail of transaction pacing history, current orders, and future obligations along with active proposals in progress for each of the transactional systems that manages a distribution channel. Without displacing any of these tactical solutions, the Decentrix platform uses this data to populate the BIAnalytix enterprise repository. By applying proprietary machine learning algorithms, based on artificial intelligence, to this holistic enterprise repository, this new-generation platform converts the data into predictive models to ensure optimization of audience value and pricing across all channels of content delivery and campaign management.

"BIAnalytix now brings every element of cross-media planning and management into a single platform, transforming the workflow, enabling campaign stewardship, optimizing the revenue opportunities, and eliminating time-consuming manual and spreadsheet processes. It enhances audience values with pinpoint targeting to maximize inventory value and optimize campaigns across all media channels," added Ruting.

BIAnalytix can be deployed as a hybrid or cloud solution with Decentrix's CloudMBI™ and Sentinel products. With no upfront capital commitment, the cloud SaaS instance allows for rapid deployment of the modular components of the solution together with scalability as the platform grows. Total data mirroring across multiple geographic locations ensures security and enables global execution of the platform.

"This innovative re-imagination of the BIAnalytix platform raises the bar for what is possible in cross-media campaign planning," added Ruting. "The ability to execute on the platform swiftly, without disrupting or displacing any current transactional processes and without the need for hardware installation, makes deployment very light lifting for our clients — and gives them a fast path to a more streamlined and profitable enterprise."

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Decentrix offers complete business analytics solutions that enhance the revenue opportunities of media, entertainment, telecommunications, and advertising companies. Decentrix enterprise solutions expose critical data within the cross media operational systems used by these businesses and deliver insights that yield maximized inventory pricing, enhanced audience values, and optimized campaigns across all properties and platforms. Founded by technologists with decades of experience in media business systems, Decentrix provides powerful solutions — on premise, in the cloud, and as a hybrid platform — that industry-leading companies trust daily in making critical business decisions. More information is available at

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