Crime Wave Sweeps Over Cine Mexicano with Tales of Revenge in August

Olympusat, Inc., the TV and media industry leader specializing in Spanish-language TV networks, announces the network premieres of four action-packed crime dramas during the month of August on Cine Mexicano, the country’s top-rated Spanish-language movie channel featuring commercial-free programming that includes Mexican rancheras, comedies and action films.

This month, Cine Mexicano presents riveting crime dramas in which good people face struggles to survive in a world seemingly overrun by ruthless drug traffickers and like-minded scoundrels. The choices made by the good citizens to remain alive are sometimes very unpleasant but necessary nonetheless.

08/07 – 10:00 p.m. ET

The bodies of vagrants keep showing up in town as a special government unit struggles to battle drug traffickers and a rogue sniper. What the group doesn’t realize is that the sniper is no ordinary gunman and that he may be hiding in plain sight. It’s a race against time to bring law and order back to the town in El Francotirador Más Letal. Tecate Films is the producer. Carlos De La Mora directs and plays the commander. Cast includes: Ana Jiménez Ruiz as Nayeli, Bonifacio Jaimez as Gustavo, Zenaido Alemán as Alemán, Martha Sandoval as Lili and Lilia Vidal as Lucy.El Francotirador Más Letalruns 88 minutes.

La Derrota

08/14 – 10:00 p.m. ET

El 40 (Eric Del Castillo) is code name for a man who since his youth has been involved in the dark, often violent world of human trafficking. Tired of living his corrupt lifestyle, El 40 wants nothing more than to retire from his life of crime. But Roque Santacruz, a powerful drug trafficker has other plans for El 40. La Derrota is directed by Marvin Pérez and produced by C-Zavaleta's Films and Pablo Garza Jr Productions with costars César Zavaleta, Pablo Garza Jr. and Norma Calix.

08/21 – 10:00 p.m. ET

Gustavo must kill to survive. When he returns after being driven out of his home, he learns something terrible has happened to his family and home in his absence. His desire for revenge and justice may end up being his own undoing as he seeks those responsible for wrongdoing against his family.Dos Cruces en el Ocaso runs 90 minutes, is produced by Ramón Barba Loza and directed by José Medina. Salvador Pineda, Ana Luisa Peluffo and Carlos Cardan costar.

Los Bravos de Guerrero

08/28 – 10:00 p.m. ET

The head of a humble family decides to leave home with his family in search of better opportunities. This man's ambition will lead him to work for a powerful drug trafficker without imagining the painful and fatal consequences of his decision. Los Bravos de Guerrero is produced by Cine Producciones Guerrero and directed by Roman Hernandez Cordova. Mario Almada, Roberto Ballesteros, Ana Luisa Peluffo costar.

Cine Mexicano is owned and operated by Olympusat, Inc. and is carried nationwide across all major network operators.

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