Create, Innovate, Immerse: Danny Rose expands international presence

Image: ‘Play Me’ at Customs House, Vivid Sydney 2014 © Danny Rose. 


Expanded portfolio boosts multimedia offering

Paris-based art and design team, Danny Rose has expanded its presence in creating super-sized creative content and multimedia immersive experiences for its extensive international client base.

Multiple disciplinary approach and an unrivalled show catalogue

Best known for transformative projection mapping spectaculars, Danny Rose creates, directs, produces and animates artistic content.

The company’s growth is stimulated by recent project successes including the ‘Play Me!’ interactive projection mapping installation onto Customs House at Vivid Sydney 2014.

“Over the past 20 years we’ve firmly established ourselves with a solid foundation in creating a catalogue of shows, that can be localized according to size and requirements,” said Sergio Carrubba, creative director and projection designer at Danny Rose. “Our content brings messages to life in a big way!”

The Danny Rose team comprises experienced projection designers and content developers working on global projects such as the Winter Olympics and the music industry’s greatest artists including Ray Charles and Miles Davis.

The company is jointly founded by Sergio Carrubba, creative director and projection designer and Paola Ciucci, art director and projection designer. In line with its growth, Danny Rose has appointed Lucia Frigola, graphic artist and motion designer and Cédric Péri, graphic artist and 3D designer.

Pioneering creative art

Danny Rose has pioneered the concept of a virtual three-dimensional dynamic set design for the stage, opera and theatre as well as music concerts, events and artistic works.

“We design our content to act as a continuous dialogue between various production elements including music, stage, images as well as the written and spoken word,” added Carrubba.

Just a few of Danny Rose services include:

Interactive video mapping

Over the last few years, Danny Rose has pioneered the development of 3D real-time interactive projection mapping on to urban surfaces and indoor spaces.

They have added a new dimension to video mapping by adding and inserting dynamic interactivity between the user’s body movements and the immersive, visual and sonic experience of the video mapping. The user becomes the true protagonist in creating and augmenting their own sonic and visual universes.

Recent projects include ‘Play Me!’ and ‘Move Your Building’ onto Customs House for Vivid Sydney 2013 and 2014, allowing every audience member to get involved with interactive content.

Image: ‘Play Me’ at Customs House, Vivid Sydney 2014 © Danny Rose. 


Music Experience

Events at any location can be transformed using projection mapping with unique visuals provided by Danny Rose. ‘Rock Revolution’ immersive multimedia show celebrates 50 years of music combining live performance, instruments and original voices. The show was sold out at Music Park Auditorium in Rome and Nuit Blanche, Barcelona in front of an audience of 100,000.

For ballroom and dance events, ‘Dance Imagination’ from Danny Rose immerses audiences into a musical spectacular from the 50’s to today with soundtracks from Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, James Brown and Aretha Franklin.

Taking audiences on a journey through five continents, visitors are immersed in the ‘Trance Continental Express’.

‘Night Clubbing’ is a one-night trip through the world’s most famous club scenes of the 80s and 90s.

Image: 'Rock Revolution’ by Danny Rose © Danny Rose. 


Cibus Theatre

The multisensory experience, Cibus Theatre is a theatrical and scenographic event that embraces all the senses. Taking diners on a gastronomic journey, Cibus Theatre is based on the perfect synergy combining the serving of food, music and enveloping images.

The event has successfully been deployed as ‘Metropolis’ Gala Dinner at Palm Beach Resort in Cannes as well as an ‘Italian Journey’ in Volterra, Italy, ‘The Baroque Dinner, a ‘Voyage en France’, ‘The Orient Express’ and ‘Au Fil De L’Eau’ amongst the floating markets of the Orient.

Image: Cibus Theatre 'Italian Journey’, Volterra, Italy © Danny Rose. 

The Theatre

‘The Illusionist’ is the platform where numerical art meets literature. Danny Rose opens up a new way to stage the written word and transforming venues. A Poetry lecture inspired by the work of Italo Calvino, was premiered at the Rinnovati Theatre, Sienna.

The ‘Opera Experience’ is a voyage through the history of melodrama from its birth with Monteverdi up to Frank Zappa covering the most important composers, ideal for presentations in open air, arenas and amphitheatres.

The Illusionist by Danny Rose. © Danny Rose. 


The Expo

The ‘World Wide Museum’ offers a permanent exhibition of video art, designed for contemporary museum spaces. Previous projects include ‘The Soul and Music’ exhibition at the Santa Maria della Scala Museum in Sienna. Here a multimedia pathway was staged as an eighteenth-century house, amongst projections and scenography, original and virtual works.

'The Soul & Music’ by Danny Rose. © Danny Rose. 


The Light Opera

The Light Opera is a show concept written in a unique score for words, lighting, narration and huge images.

‘Il Corpo del Mare’ is a video art performance inspired by a Pasquale Panella’s poem, staged as an endless flow of colours, moving pictures and sounds, against a dramatic natural coast line.

The ‘Arte’, outdoor exhibition, redrew man’s evolution in the figurative arts from prehistoric graffiti to contemporary art at the Villa Piccolomini, Rome.

Saving perhaps the best until last, ‘Writing with Lights’ retraces the origins of writing from cave paintings to hieroglyphics, from Japanese calligraphy to Arabic writing, up to contemporary graffiti and street art. This was presented on the Urbis Museum façade in Manchester, UK.

Image: Urbis Museum façade in Manchester, UK © Danny Rose. 

Image: ‘Il Corpo del Mare’ is a video art performance inspired by a Pasquale Panella’s poem, staged as an endless flow of colours, moving pictures and sounds, against a dramatic natural coast line. © Danny Rose.