Cox Lets the Dogs Out: DOGTV Launches on Cox Communications, Continuing Record-Breaking Growth

Sunnyvale, CA, September 17, 2018 – This week, DOGTV, the world’s first and only television network created specifically for dogs, launched on Cox Contour.. This expansion to Cox Contour’ customers increases DOGTV’s reach in the United States by 25% and will bring DOGTV’s total reach to an anticipated 70 million homes around the country by the end of 2018.

DOGTV, which is now available in over 250 million homes around the world, has seen a 300% growth rate across the globe in the last 24 months and 15 consecutive months of subscriber growth in the United States.

DOGTV is now available to Cox Contour customers as a video on-demand subscription for only $4.99 per month. The network features research-backed and scientifically developed and tested original content covering categories that include exposure, simulation and relaxation for stay-at-home dogs.

With the expansion to Cox, DOGTV is also joining forces with influencers and experts to share health and wellness tips. DOGTV pet influencers are made up of veterinarians, dog trainers, pet industry experts and even popular dogs with social media accounts. Influencers reach millions of pet parents and raise awareness about common issues such as how to ensure dogs get enough water during these hot summer months and how to help dogs with separation anxiety. These social media influencers share DOGTV’s content, thoughts on the newest pet products and trends with their pet parent audiences.

DOGTV has also added new programming for dog parents, including “The Dog Chef,” featuring simple recipes for your dog, “Things We Woof About,” featuring new dog trends, products and services, “DIY,” featuring popular dog products, and “Dogs A-Z,” tips from pet experts. These new shows join the second season of “The Adoption Show”, which promotes adoptions with over 100 shelters and “DOG STAR”, which features home videos sent in from viewers.

On the launch of DOGTV on Cox, Gilad Neumann, CEO and Co-Founder, DOGTV said, “This new Cox partnership is very exciting for DOGTV as well as dog parents in Cox markets across the country. Cox presents an incredible opportunity to bring our unique programming to millions of dog parents. We are excited to work together to expand our reach with Cox using creative marketing, promotion on their excellent Cox Contour platform, and using dog influencers on social media.”

About DOGTV:
DOGTV is the only network scientifically designed for dogs by the world leading animal behaviorists and endorsed by the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) as promoting animal welfare. DOGTV is television for dogs which includes sights, sounds, images and interactions which captures dog’s attention, and keeps them entertained and preoccupied when they are home alone. It has been scientifically researched, tested and proven to reduce loneliness, boredom, separation anxiety and depression when dogs are alone and has been proven through scientific research, to promote happiness and well-being in dogs.

“Studies have shown that dog boredom is the number one leading cause of misbehavior in the home. Dogs also deal with real issues such as separation anxiety, possessiveness and aggressiveness, and we’re committed to creating content with stimuli that have been documented as having a real, tangible benefit,” said Professor Nicholas Dodman, Chief Scientist, DOGTV. “Our mission is to arm pet parents with the types of programming that fosters a happier furry friend.”

Daily programs for dogs and specials, such as “Water Dogs”, “Noise Phobia” and “Dogs in Cars” are available on DOGTV’s channel. Millions of dogs and dog parents are now able to watch the content specifically designed for a dog’s visual, auditory and emotional sensibility.

Dog TV can be ordered on or through voice activation on Cox Contour.

DOGTV is currently available through DIRECTV, DISH, COMCAST’S X-1 PLATFORM, RCN, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Roku, and as an iOS and Android app. DOGTV is supported by Discovery Communications, and more information is available at For additional information, including programming descriptions, please visit:

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