Core SWX Spotlights the HC9 Mini and Fleet Micro Chargers at Cine Gear Expo 2017

LOS ANGELES, MAY 23, 2017 - Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, will be featuring its HC9 Mini, the newest addition to its Hypercore line, and its new line of Fleet Micro Chargers at Cine Gear Expo 2017 (Booth 32). The new HC9 Mini sustains all the features of the Hypercore line with a design ideal for smaller Cine cameras in mind, such as the RED DSMC2 and Arri Mini. The range of Fleet Micro Chargers offers a complete battery management system and the fastest battery charging times in the industry of four 98wh packs in less than 2.5 hours, and includes v-mount and 3-stud charging solutions, with two and four position options for each.

"Cine Gear Expo presents film and video industry professionals with the opportunity to see the newest, innovative equipment available, and Core SWX is proud to feature both our latest products, the HC9 Mini and Fleet Micro Chargers, at this show," says Jose Flores, Sales Manager, Core SWX. "The HC9 Mini and Fleet Micro Chargers provide the most compact power solutions for cine camera users and mobile production."

Measuring only 3.54 in. x 4.65 in. x 1.90 in. (.09 m. x .12 m. x .05 m.) and weighing 1.9 lbs. (861.8 g.), the HC9 Mini is the perfect solution for today's lighter and more mobile camera setups. It is available in three versions, including V-mount, RED-specific and a Gold Mount version that is compatible with Anton/Bauer chargers.

The HC9 Mini is a 98wh (14.8v) battery with a 12A load. It has the latest in Lithium ion technology and comes with an LED backlit runtime LCD on the front of the battery pack that notifies users of how much battery time is left when in use, and also indicates remaining charge time while connected to a charger. This feature allows users to plan their shoots down to the minute. The RED-specific version can communicate directly with a RED camera's LCD/VF. The HC9 Mini's battery cells are incased in an over-molded, rubberized housing, providing additional protection against accidental impacts that may occur when operating in rugged conditions. Like several other Hypercore batteries, the HC9 Mini is safe and legal for air travel.

All Fleet Micro Chargers are compatible with Core SWX, RED and Anton/Bauer battery packs, providing peace-of-mind to multiple crews on location with legacy packs or rental batteries.

Each Fleet Micro Charger incorporates a backlit LCD to display all pertinent battery data. Users will be able to charge power solutions using one of four modes:

* Fast Charge mode - Charges battery packs 20% faster than the competition.

* SafeFly mode - Once set to SafeFly, the Fleet Micro Charger unit discharges/charges all battery packs connected to 30 percent, making them within IATA regulations for safe air transport.

* Test mode - Verifies battery health and recharge performance.

* Hypercine mode - Parallels all packs and provides power to either an unregulated 12v-16.8v 4-pin XLR or regulated 28v 3-pin XLR DC output to power large-draw setups.

In addition to these modes, each Fleet Micro Charger features a mini-USB port that allows users to download free firmware upgrades and gives users the ability to transfer battery information to a PC for data basing. Each four-position Fleet Micro Charger measures 9.1 in. x 3.35 in. x 12.17 in. and weighs 5 lbs., while each two-position model measures 9.1 in. x 3.35 in. x 6.57 in. and weighs 1.8 lbs.

About Core SWX

Core SWX is the market leader in batteries and charging solutions for the digital cinema and the professional video industries, along with emerging markets such as drones and virtual reality. Our flagship products, including the Hypercore line of batteries, remain at the forefront, providing the power to create in a variety of applications. Compatible with leading professional and consumer manufacturers, such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, RED, Blackmagic Design and more, Core SWX stays ahead of the curve in a technology-driven era that is constantly evolving. For more information, visit