Core SWX Completes Evolution of Hypercore Battery Line with Hypercore Slim 98 at IBC 2017

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 6, 2017 - Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, debuts the Hypercore SLIM 98 at IBC 2017 (Stand 12.F55), rounding out the successful Hypercore line of batteries. The new Hypercore SLIM 98 combines the compact design of the Hypercore SLIM HC8 with a 98wh capacity and USB power output as an ideal power solution for remote and travelling video productions.

The Hypercore SLIM 98 is a 98wh/6.6Ah battery with a 12A load, and like all batteries in the Hypercore range it employs the very latest in Lithium Ion technology. The Hypercore cell was constructed with the specific purpose of handling and sustaining high power draws. The cells can withstand up to a 12A for extended periods of time without diminishing service life. It's available in a 3-Stud Mount and a V-Mount, and compatible with most industry cameras. Modeled after the low-profile form factor of the HC8, the Hypercore SLIM 98 measures in at just 3.8-inch x 5.87-inch x 1.6-inch in size and weighing less than 1.5 lbs. It is nearly a full inch slimmer (0.84-inch/21mm) and more than a half pound lighter (0.57lbs/0.26kg) than the standard Hypercore 98.

"In ENG, EFP or any remote or travelling production, 'smaller, faster, lighter,' is the order of the day," says Jose Flores, International Channel Sales, Core SWX. "The Hypercore SLIM 98 retains the features that have made the Hypercore 98 line one of our more popular offerings. The new model takes it one step further matching the profile of our SLIM line, with an increased capacity, extending runtime. Many of our users are moving towards more compact cameras, and cameras mounted on drones where size and weight are crucial, so they need a power solution fitted for these applications. This product is the best of both worlds, merging the standout features of the Hypercore 98 with the Hypercore SLIM HC8 and is a direct response to customer needs, which are always at the forefront as we expand our lines."

Core has been executing a strategic transformation and reengineering of its Hypercore line over the last year. The goal of the revamp was to ensure that the product line satisfied all the needs of the industry, from gimbal/UAV handhelds, to broadcast and cinema, and smaller form factor cameras. This development of the line began with HC9 Minis, followed by the introduction of the Nano packs, and coming to completion with the Hypercore SLIM 98s.

The Nano pack series, CORE-N98S and CORE-N98AG, feature a slim design, consistent with the Hypercore line. Perfect for the majority of camera applications with a maximum load handling of 8A. The products' sleek design allows these packs to be used when powering cameras on handheld gimbals and UAVs. The packs boast a 14.8v and 98wh capacity "With our efficient production means, we're able to offer the Nano packs at a third less than what they would have retailed for 2 years ago," notes Ross Kanarek, CEO, Core SWX. "There is no more fuller featured, quality cell, Li-ion pack that retails for less in today's industry."

Core SWX places a high priority on durability in order to ensure that its products sustain the rigors of being on set or on location. Its battery cells are encased in an over-molded, rubberized housing and feature a rubber texture in order to reduce accidental impacts and the chances of the battery slipping out of its customers hands. In addition, the battery pack is outfitted with an advanced white backlit runtime LCD to convey important battery data to the user.

The Hypercore series are designed with an integrated, unregulated P-tap connection on the side of the battery allowing users to power any device accepting 12-16.8vdc. The battery is also equipped with an accelerometer to detect motion, which gauges how long the battery is not in use. After a 48-hour period of inactivity, the battery goes into sleep or hibernate mode. Once the battery is moved, it awakens, coming back to life at its maximum capacity.

About Core SWX

Core SWX is the market leader in batteries and charging solutions for the digital cinema and the professional video industries, along with emerging markets such as drones and virtual reality. Our flagship products, including the Hypercore line of batteries, remain at the forefront, providing the power to create in a variety of applications. Compatible with leading professional and consumer manufacturers, such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, RED, Blackmagic Design and more, Core SWX stays ahead of the curve in a technology-driven era that is constantly evolving. For more information, visit