Content Networks Sells More Than 30 NetApp Data Storage Systems

WARSAW, Poland -- Feb. 2, 2016 -- Content Networks, a broadcast systems integrator and reseller, announced today that it has sold more than 30 NetApp(R) data storage systems in Poland. The company has sold to television stations reaching close to 98 percent of the country's 39 million people. Customers purchasing NetApp's E-Series and FAS storage systems now have flexible, low-cost storage primarily for news production. For example, a Content Networks customer, one of the largest broadcasters in Poland, relies on NetApp in conjunction with its Dalet news production system to support its ever-growing need for affordable, flexible storage with high-speed access to files and 99.999 percent uptime.

"Our clients' workflows are mainly news production and require reliable, real-time, concurrent access to media content. We help our clients to transition to tapeless workflows. Their demand for bandwidth and capacity continues to increase, so we recommended NetApp FAS and E-Series data storage systems," said BartBomiej Jan Ender, key account manager, Content Networks. "NetApp offers proven technology with the most bandwidth per cost, making it a good value for our customers."

To protect customer data with no performance impact and minimal consumption of storage space, Content Networks also offers NetApp Snapshot(TM) software, the original and most functional point-in-time copy technology. For example, Snapshot functionality allows users to restore to an earlier point, which means operators can go back in time and recover files that were deleted -- either mistakenly or as part of routine space-saving measures. 

"Partners like Content Networks are a critical part of NetApp's success throughout the world. We congratulate Content Networks on reaching this milestone and are very grateful for their support," said Jason Danielson, media and entertainment solution manager at NetApp. "The Polish installations are prime examples of NetApp systems' ability to provide affordable, always-on, high-performance storage for multisite broadcasters."

NetApp's Polish support team and distributor offer expert advice to ensure prompt delivery and smooth data integration for installations.

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About Content Networks
Content Networks is a systems integrator working mainly in Poland, with a focus on media and entertainment facilities such as radio and TV broadcasters and postproduction houses. By creating close relationships with leading hardware and software vendors, Content Networks can offer customers a wide portfolio of solutions to meet their complex needs. Among its many success stories, the company provided an end-to-end news workflow for Poland's biggest broadcaster -- a solution that encompasses the broadcaster's 15 regional sites and allowed them to move to tapeless workflow for the news production.