Comigo IBC2016 Exhibitor Preview

Stand 3.B52
Sept. 9-13

Comigo -- Experience Intelligence.

Comigo redefines TV by providing operators, broadcasters, and content owners with its Experience Intelligence (EI) product line. Comigo EI is a holistic approach to content and user interaction as well as automatic metadata enrichment, leveraging TV with the best of the Internet.

At IBC2016, Comigo will demonstrate its EI Cloud, which drives contextual, personal, and social viewing experiences, with the industry's first form of artificial intelligence (AI) -- called EI Mind -- shifting TV into uncharted territories. During the show, Comigo will also highlight its industry-leading Android(TM) STB range, running EI middleware that flawlessly interacts with the EI Cloud.

Key Product Updates

EI Cloud
Comigo's EI Cloud is capable of working with any OTT back-end in the market, while exposing a full set of APIs to support any front-end, whether it is already deployed or in development. EI Cloud provides Experience Management tools to operators, empowering content-related applications and services that encourage contextual viewer engagement. EI Cloud also houses Device Management functionalities to simplify A-to-Z multi-device registration, maintenance, measurement, upgrades, and STB-specific operations.

EI Middleware 
Comigo's software solution for STBs and TVs, with a best-in-class user interface, supports both AOSP and Android TV platforms. Whether being used for OTT, IPTV, or hybrid (i.e., terrestrial, cable, satellite) TV service, Comigo's EI Middleware covers all aspects of a modern TV service boosted by the EI Cloud, guaranteeing a superior viewing experience. EI Middleware also includes support for a range of WatchApp(TM) HTML widgets that offer contextual interaction with content for sports, ads, commerce, and many more applications. EI Middleware can be created based upon Comigo's widgets catalog or custom-developed leveraging the WatchApp SDK.

EI Mind 
Implementing big data and deep learning algorithms on top of NLP, Comigo has created the world's first cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) that uses artificial intelligence to boost TV experiences. EI Mind drives a new set of AI capabilities to video front-ends, and is already built to work in tandem with the EI Cloud.

Company Overview:

Widely deployed worldwide, Comigo's Experience Intelligence (EI) allows operators to offer a personalized, social, and engaging TV experience on any device. Comigo EI is designed to excite the TV viewer and stimulate new revenue opportunities for pay-TV operators, broadcasters, and content owners.

The heart of the Comigo offering is a cloud solution that harnesses the Internet with artificial intelligence to boost the TV experience. In order to reach maximum end-to-end viewer impact, Comigo provides front-end solutions including an Android-based STB powered by its best-in-class middleware.

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