CobbleCord, a New Website and App, Helps Consumers Navigate Cutting the Cord

New York, NY – CobbleCord ( has announced the launch of its free website and App that helps consumers "cobble together" their perfect combination of Over-the-Top (OTT) online video services.  With a focus on educating and empowering consumers through the sometimes daunting process of “cord cutting,” CobbleCord easily guides individuals through the ever-growing list of online streaming services available and enables them to cancel expensive cable packages filled with unwanted channels.

“CobbleCord is the first of its kind, serving as an ‘entertainment advocate’ to give consumers the information they need to make an educated decision on whether or not to give up their traditional cable television service,” said Virginia Juliano, CobbleCord’s founder and CEO.  Juliano developed CobbleCord after spending a decade at Showtime Networks, most recently as VP, Multi-Platform Marketing focusing on subscriber acquisition and retention; she was also an integral member of the launch team for Showtime’s OTT product. 

“With such an overwhelming number of OTT choices, there is chaos and confusion in the marketplace and people have to work very hard to figure it all out,” Juliano added.  “Helping consumers navigate these waters in a no-nonsense, fun way can prompt people who have been on the ‘cord cutting fence’ to finally take action.  We give them the framework to craft a personal ‘meta-bundle’ of free and paid OTT services that’s perfectly suited for their preferences.  If they've already cut the cord, CobbleCord can ensure that they are getting the most for their streaming dollar.  It’s the entertainment tool that consumers have been waiting for.”

After asking users four simple questions about their content, device, internet and price preferences via the CobbleCord Entertainment Profile Builder, the site and app, through its proprietary and patent-pending algorithm and database, generates a Personalized Entertainment Recommendation featuring a selection of online streaming services that might interest the user.  It also highlights additional services that the user may want to consider but are above their price range.  Users can then directly link to those services to order.  Consumers are reminded that an internet or wireless data connection is still necessary to access these services.

The Personalized Entertainment Recommendation (“Reco”) that CobbleCord generates displays mainstream online video aggregator services that are now household names, as well as niche and more obscure options.  The curated listings will be frequently updated by the CobbleCord team to reflect the latest services and information available, and includes an overview of each service listed, plus additional details on the content, price information, devices and features related to each service – all in one convenient destination.  There is also the capability to drill down on specific networks, shows, devices and genres to view other services associated with each option.  Additionally, CobbleCord provides proprietary overall and reliability ratings for each service.

To further the experience for users, CobbleCord is also launching a blog that will feature informative posts on the cord-cutting experience and the OTT marketplace.

CobbleCord is launching in beta mode and plans to scale its offering to include additional features, advertising opportunities and revenue models.  The CobbleCord App, which will feature the same clean, easy-to-use functionality as the desktop version and mobile site, will launch in the coming weeks.  The company is currently privately funded and ad-supported.

About CobbleCord

CobbleCord ( is a free, consumer facing website and App that educates and empowers consumers through the cord-cutting experience by helping them “cobble together” their perfect combination of à la carte online entertainment services.  Launched in September 2016, the site’s proprietary algorithm and database which generate personalized entertainment recommendations for users is patent-pending.  CobbleCord is owned by V.Juliano Communications, LLC, which is based in Norwalk, CT and New York, NY.

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