Cobalt Iron Introduces Cyber Shield Built-In Cybersecurity for Adaptive Data Protection

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Sept. 10, 2019 — Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based data protection, today announced Cyber Shield™, an extension of its Adaptive Data Protection™ SaaS solution that locks down and shields its customers' backup data from loss, corruption, or attack. Cyber Shield sets a new standard in the enterprise data protection market for data access control, data security, ransomware detection, and ransomware responsiveness by building those functions into the software. This unprecedented "built-in" approach to data security and cyberattack preparation brings peace of mind to data custodians, saves the time and cost of designing additional security measures, and greatly reduces a company's financial exposure to any cyberattack.

"Companies' backup infrastructures are prime targets for cyberattacks, yet the backup products do not have comprehensive cybersecurity central to their design. Vendors are reacting by adding bolt-on features after the fact — increasing costs and even introducing new attack vectors," said Richard Spurlock, CEO and founder of Cobalt Iron. "With Cobalt Iron Cyber Shield, the security of your data is not an add-on or afterthought; it is chiseled into every aspect of the solution."

Cyber Shield provides readiness, response, and recovery functions to minimize or eliminate the impact of cyberattacks, which are a growing menace for companies. Traditional backup products and infrastructure are notorious targets for ransomware attacks largely because they hold copies of all key corporate data and typically have numerous open ports for authenticated administrative access. According to the IBM 2019 "Cost of a Data Breach Report," the average total cost of a data breach is $3.92 million. The report also found that the length of time it takes to identify and contain a data breach was a significant contributing factor to the overall cost and impact.

The automation and analytics inherent in Cyber Shield help to identify and contain any cyberattacks automatically. Cyber Shield locks down data access control and data security in a manner not possible with traditional backup products. Adaptive Data Protection's operations and administration model eliminate attack points prevalent in those products, while built-in containment and air gap by design further restrict the possible scope of any malicious attacks. Air-gapped copies of corporate data are always available as a recovery source.

In addition, Cyber Shield includes vigilant continuous monitoring, proactive problem avoidance, and automated software updates to ensure that enterprise data protection is battle-ready at all times. Cyber Shield's immediate response to any incidents minimizes the scope of impact, downtime, data loss, and costs. Rapid data restore functions allow fast, validated recovery of any compromised data. Finally, Cyber Shield analytics-optimized insights provide a faster and more comprehensive understanding of any attack as well as fortifications against future attacks.

Cyber Shield comes as an inherent part of Cobalt Iron's Adaptive Data Protection SaaS solution and does not require any additional equipment, software, or license.

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About Cobalt Iron
Cobalt Iron is the global leader in SaaS-based enterprise data protection. The company was founded in 2013 to fundamentally change the way the world thinks about data protection. Through analytics and automation, Cobalt Iron enables enterprises to transform and optimize legacy backup solutions into a simple cloud-based architecture. By leveraging the cloud, Cobalt Iron reduces overall capex by more than 50 percent while eliminating backup failures and inefficiencies. Processing more than 7 million jobs a month for customers in 44 countries, Cobalt Iron delivers modern enterprise data protection for enterprise customers.

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