Cobalt Digital Expands List of Software Options to Include SCTE 104 Insertion and Processing

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- Aug. 2, 2016 -- Cobalt Digital today announced the launch of two new SCTE-104 DPI (Digital Program Insertion) and processing options for the company's openGear(R) cards and BBG-1000 Series stand-alone processors. First, the +SCTE104 option lets customers generate and insert five of the most widely used SCTE-104 messages into baseband SDI as triggered by automation via GPI, SNMP, or JSON using Cobalt's popular Reflex protocol. The option can also execute auto-response actions based on SCTE-104 messages received, and can send newly generated SCTE-104 packets to other downstream systems as well.

+SCTE104 is available for a wide range of Cobalt's products and can work in conjunction with a long list of other innovative options to increase the functionality and density of Cobalt systems. For example, when paired with the +LOGO logo-insertion option, +SCTE104 can provide automated station ID by keying in and fading out a logo, directed periodically by a SCTE-104 splice start coming from an upstream system. Flexible and easy-to-use event-action controls can execute any number of direct or indirect actions (such as GPO activations) based on incoming SCTE-104 messaging.

Cobalt engineers worked closely with key customers to develop the +SCTE104-FAST (Frame-Accurate SCTE Trigger) option that provides frame-accurate insertion for deterministic results when the program signal is used in sophisticated downstream video on demand (VOD) and commercial insertion systems. Frame accuracy is paramount and the performance of VOD and server-based commercial replacement systems relies on it. The SCTE104-FAST feature provides users with the ability to fully author custom messages and send them to the card via easy-to-read XML-formatted files. These files contain timestamp information from automation, and the Cobalt processor uses this data to compare against incoming ANC timecode or UTC time derived from NTP reference.

Customers can order the +SCTE104 or +SCTE104-FAST options when they buy a new card, or they can activate the options later -- without removing or replacing the card -- via the openGear DashBoard" control and monitoring application using a downloadable key.

"Our options are intended to increase the value of our products by combining the functions of multiple devices into one unit," said Bob McAlpine, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Cobalt Digital. "As with all of our options, +SCTE104 or SCTE104-FAST boost the processing versatility of a given product without the expense, complexity, space usage, or accumulated latency of deploying additional cards or boxes."

+SCTE104 and SCTE104-FAST are available for the following cards and associated stand-alone units:
* 9902-UDX, 9903-UDX, 9922-FS, 9922-2FS, 9932-EMDE, 9950-EMDE-ANC
* BBG-1000 Series models -- BBG-1002-UDX, BBG-1022-FS, BBG-1022-2FS, BBG-1032-EMDE, BBG-1050-EMDE-ANC

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About Cobalt Digital
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