Cobalt Digital at the 2017 NAB Show Shanghai

At the 2017 NAB Show Shanghai, Cobalt will introduce a new system that combines frame-accurate SCTE 104 trigger (FAST) insertion with enhanced HLS SCTE 35 streaming on a single platform. Built for both openGear(R) frames and Cobalt BBG-1100 Series stand-alone units, the FAST-STREAM OTT system is a comprehensive solution for providing HLS streams with frame-accurate boundary points complete with the SCTE 35 metadata contained in the associated manifest file. Applications range from on-the-fly C3 VOD contribution to embedded DRM for distributing protected content. The FAST-STREAM OTT system interfaces with automation and uses timestamps to insert metadata frame-accurately into baseband SDI. It then performs high-quality H.264 encoding designed to meet sophisticated streaming delivery requirements in real time.

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9902-UDX-DSP-CI Channel Integrator
The 9902-UDX-DSP-CI channel integrator and 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS up/down/cross-converter provides the densest signal conversion and processing tool set available for conforming incoming analog and digital audio and video signals and their associated metadata to meet sophisticated content- and channel-delivery requirements. Enhanced video processing includes broadcast-quality up/down/cross-conversion with noise reduction and detail enhancement. Standards conversion between 50 Hz- and 59.94/60 Hz-based video standards makes the 9902-UDX-DSP-CI perfect for rentals and international signal aggregators and distributors in the OTA, cable, DBS, and OTT markets. Channel Integrator audio features include analog and AES audio embedding and de-embedding with multiple mixers and per-channel delay. Optional Linear Acoustic upmixing, Dolby decoding and encoding (E, AC-3, E-AC-3), and real-time loudness leveling make the Channel Integrator a single point of command and control for the toughest audio-processing jobs.

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+RTP/ARQ Automatic Repeat ReQuest Option
Visitors to the 2017 NAB Show Shanghai will see Cobalt's new +RTP/ARQ feature, which enables Cobalt's popular series of H.264 encoders and decoders to be used for error-free content delivery over the internet. +RTP/ARQ lowers overhead because, unlike SMPTE ST 2022 FEC, it doesn't require redundant data to be sent along with the program content in order to recover any dropped packets. Instead, with +RTP/ARQ, the decoder messages the encoder when packets are missing and requests only those packets be retransmitted. +RTP/ARQ is now included as standard in Cobalt openGear(R) 9990-DEC-MPEG and stand-alone BBG-1190-DEC-MPEG decoders. It is available via license for the openGear 9223 and BBG-1123 encoders and can be added in the field.

9941-RTR Series SDI/ASI/MADI openGear(R) Routers
Also at the 2017 NAB Show Shanghai, Cobalt will introduce the 9941-RTR series of SDI/ASI/MADI routers for the openGear(R) form factor. Using the openGear platform, the 9941-RTR series provides a high-density card-based solution that offers unprecedented flexibility, ease of use, and integration that make it an exclusive within the openGear platform.

Offering the card-based flexibility and scalability of the openGear form factor, the 9941-RTR series encompasses 3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI versions in sizes from 24 x 24 I/O to a 12 x 4 asymmetrical I/O configuration to suit a range of I/O requirements. A 12 x 4 12G-SDI version is also available, as are rear I/O modules in standard BNC or high-density DIN 1.0/2.3 and HD-BNC formats.

The 9941-RTR series offers built-in Ethernet ports, as well as multiple serial and GPIO control interfaces. It also supports easy-to-use JSON-based ReFLEX, SNMP, and third-party router protocols that allow for easy integration with A/V control and automation systems. GUI choices include an integrated HTML-5 web server and support for the DashBoard(TM) control system, whose user matrix provides easy manual routing setup. Support for multiple protocols allows users to design custom control panels that provide the most intuitive remote control and monitoring interfaces possible.

The 9941-RTR integrates seamlessly with other advanced Cobalt products, such as the 9970-QS expandable multiviewer cards with advanced on-screen graphics. This synergy provides a dynamically reconfigurable, nonblocking 20 x 4 multiviewer, with configurations of four independent 5 x 1 multiviewers all the way up to a 17-window system — or any number of intermediate cascade combinations.

2017 NAB Show Shanghai
Cobalt Digital
Booth E7A17-18

Company Quotes

"Throughout Southeast Asia we're seeing growing demand for our one-of-a-kind openGear solutions and their stand-alone BBG-1000 series counterparts. This is an important new show for us as we continue expanding into the Asia-Pacific market, and I think attendees will be impressed with how our offerings can benefit their evolving video-delivery ecosystems."
— Robert McAlpine, CEO, Cobalt Digital

"We've already established a presence in Southeast Asia, with successful installations in many major facilities throughout the region. Now, with demand on the rise, NAB Shanghai represents a huge opportunity for us to demonstrate our already popular signal-conversion and transfer products to broadcasters in that important part of the world…and get to know better what those customers want and need. I'm looking forward to connecting with customers old and new in Shanghai."
— Robert Nicholas, Vice President International Sales, Cobalt Digital

Company Overview

Cobalt Digital Inc. designs and manufactures award-winning 12G/3G/HD/SD and IP-based conversion, terminal, throwdown, and multiviewer technology for the broadcast television environment. As a founding partner in the openGear(R) initiative, Cobalt offers a full range of openGear video and audio processing card solutions for applications such as closed-caption compliance monitoring, OB production, master control, HD news production, signal transport, audio loudness, and color correction. Cobalt's Blue Box Group(TM) line of interface converter boxes streamlines and simplifies a wide range of 12G/3G/HD/SD and IP-based conversion and signal transport tasks. The company's multi-image display processors enable multiviewer capabilities in the most demanding studio and remote broadcasting environments. Distributed through a worldwide network of dealers, system integrators, and other partners, Cobalt Digital products are backed with a five-year warranty. More information is available at

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