Cloud Imperium Games Relies On Pro Sound Effects

Touts customized, multi-user sound effects solutions for high-end video game production

NEW YORK, NY (February 18, 2015) - Aiming to pave new ground in game development by sharing the process with the players, Cloud Imperium Games is currently developing Star Citizen, a record-shattering crowd funded title that combines classic space sim game play with Hollywood-caliber visuals. Working with a combination of in-house audio engineers and gamers presented the company with unique audio content and licensing needs, which Pro Sound Effects, the next level sound effects library company, was able to accommodate with a customized multi-user licensing solution.

Where game development was once hidden, Cloud Imperium has opted to share the process with those backing Star Citizen. Supporters come to know the development team and follow them every step of the way as the game created. The community is closely engaged and their feedback is considered in all aspects of game development, including audio.

In building up its production resources, Audio Director Lee Banyard required a lot of audio content. In addition to the Pro Sound Effects Master Library of 150,000+ (and growing) sounds, he is able to tap into their robust third party content partner network (Boom Library, Soundstorm, Quiet Planet and more) and access a truly massive library of sound effects. On the licensing side, not only does Lee have team of audio engineers in-house, but Cloud Imperium’s unique gaming platform provides gamers access to modding tools which allow users to create new game elements using an in-game editing suite. This means that audio content must also be available to the gamers themselves, to a degree, for use in such editing.

“We created a customized license because the modding tools extend a bit beyond the typical synchronized usage scenario,” recounts Jeremy Siegel, Pro Sound Effects Licensing Specialist. “The gamers do have access to certain audio elements using the modding tools, so now we have all the bases covered.” With the Pro Sound Effects Multi-User License Agreement’s robust terms and flat, annual licensing fee, Cloud Imperium had the flexibility to easily put together a solution that satisfied Lee’s licensing and budgetary needs. “Pro Sound Effects put together a sound library licensing solution for us that was of excellent quality, a great range of material, and also structured affordably. Highly recommended,” said Lee.

For more information on multi-user licensing solutions, check out the Licensing Guide and Licensing FAQ in the Sound Effects Licensing section of For a custom library and licensing consultation and to learn about solutions for your company or studio, contact us at or call (646) 706‑7728 x10.

ABOUT CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES: Cloud Imperium Games Corporation was founded in April 2012 by renowned game developer Chris Roberts (Wing Commander, Freelancer, Privateer) and long-time international media attorney Ortwin Freyermuth. Under Roberts leadership, Cloud Imperium quickly assembled a top tier development team for the creation of art assets, story elements, and an extensive prototype for its first game Star Citizen. Star Citizen is being marketed and launched via Cloud Imperium has studios in Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas.

ABOUT PRO SOUND EFFECTS®: Pro Sound Effects curates and delivers the Next Level sound effects library for media producers worldwide. The Pro Sound Effects Library is 215,000+ royalty-free sounds effects available both online and on hard drive. The Library spans the entire sonic spectrum and is continually updated. Founded in 2004, Pro Sound Effects is relied upon by top freelancers and big media production companies worldwide.