Clippn Revitalizes Enterprise-Level Media Archives with New Cloud-Based Service

New York, NY – August 2, 2016 –Clippn, a global leader in video curation and stock footage monetization, announced today the availability of their enterprise-level archive revitalization services. Clippn expands its offerings to include large-scale collections thanks to the advanced processing and metadata tagging capabilities of its new cloud-based platform, powered by Dalet media management technology.

“Many broadcasters and media companies with legacy systems have millions of video assets that are underused because of a lack of transparency and accessibility. They are sitting on a goldmine they can’t touch. With a growing demand for video, we help them mine and refine these archives for their own editorial uses while creating new opportunities for revenue,”comments Clippn Founder and CEO Mick Reed. “Most organizations just don’t have the time, resources or expertise to properly organize and tag their media. This is where Clippn comes in. Our cloud-based platform streamlines the process of ingest, curation, transcoding and adding metadata to raw assets and clips, adding value to the footage at every step so it can be repurposed and even offered for sale through leading stock footage sites.”

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The move to a cloud-based platform gives Clippn the ability to scale to meet the growing demands of enterprise clients with large, untapped video archives for use in today’s media workflows. Says Reed, “Dalet’s flexible, cloud-based platform includes craft editing, so we are able to integrate with existing systems to accept any video asset, curate the content to identify its value moments, then index and add metadata very quickly, tagging the raw assets and clips in a single pass to deliver them back to the content owner where they are searchable and usable across multiple workflows. And because we have extensive experience with curating and indexing content for sale through our stock footage partners, we are able to come into a very large media organization and hit the ground running.”  

Clippn has engaged with some of the world's largest broadcasters and media companies who see Clippn as the best option to multiply the value of their content libraries. They are in advanced discussions with many others. Clippn has also begun pilot programs with leading news organizations to curate and tag new content as it comes in, faster, cheaper and curated at a higher level than they are able to do with their legacy workflows.

Under the Hood
The process for organizing assets using Clippn’s cloud-based system is simple. Enterprise clients provide Clippn with their library of digitized assets; because Clippn can work with all types of media, footage can be submitted in any format. The Clippn production team works with clients to establish usage rules and workflows and build the optimal metadata schema. This includes adding keywords and other common metadata as well as fields that are unique to the broadcaster or media organization. These can be technical and creative descriptors as well as metadata that will hook into media archive-specific systems, whether it is a MAM or broadcast system. The tagging process is streamlined with advanced automation at key steps, accelerating the revitalization process significantly.

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About Clippn
Clippn is a leading media technology company specializing in the curation, clipping and tagging of video content. In addition to its enterprise archive services, Clippn is a single point of entry to deliver ready-for-sale video clips to the world’s leading stock footage sites.

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