ChyronHego at IBC2016

Sept. 9-13, Amsterdam
Stand 7.D11

As media companies continue to grapple with the challenges of migrating away from proprietary hardware models and toward IT-centric, software-based operations, they need integrated solutions that will deliver the highest rate of return. 

At IBC2016, ChyronHego will showcase the solutions and workflows that are easing the path to all-IP operations for its broadcast customers. The spotlight will be on end-to-end workflows for news and sports production, channel branding and tickers, and weather production, all of which integrate ChyronHego's core product family as well as new and recently acquired technologies. One example is the company's newly announced acquisition of Sound & Video Creations Inc., maker of the Click Effects product family for live stadium presentations.

CAMIO Universe 
At IBC2016, ChyronHego's CAMIO Universe will make its European debut. The CAMIO Universe is a comprehensive software-based newsroom production ecosystem that empowers producers and journalists to create compelling news stories and deliver them rapidly to air. 
CAMIO not only controls ChyronHego's industry-leading Lyric® graphics creation environment but also offers powerful template-based tools within a significantly expanded production ecosystem, including the company's Hybrid virtual graphics solution, the Metacast weather graphics solution, the PowerClips multiformat production clip server, the GS2 Multi-Touch touch-screen-generation platform, as well as the VidiGo Live Compositor video-switching solution. CAMIO gives producers, journalists, and video editors instant desktop access to all of these tools. 

News Production 
ChyronHego will demonstrate a fully integrated end-to-end news production workflow powered by the award-winning CAMIO asset and data management solution. With CAMIO as the newsroom control center, the workflow integrates ChyronHego's world-leading Lyric® graphics creation and playout system, Live Compositor for multicamera TV production, Metacast weather graphics solution, and Hybrid virtual studio and robotic camera-head technologies. The result is a comprehensive solution by which anyone in the entire newsroom environment can create, control, and play out a full newscast, including broadcast graphics, virtual studio and augmented graphics, and weather graphics, all using templates.

This scenario narrows the gap between complex technology and the journalists who are doing the actual storytelling. With the CAMIO integration, working with advanced virtual graphics and augmented reality is just as easy as typing a prompter text. Naturally this streamlined workflow reduces operating expenses, but the template-based approach also gives journalists unprecedented control and flexibility over the graphic elements of the story.

Introducing: Click Effects Product Portfolio for Live Stadium Presentations
With the acquisition of Sound & Video Creations Inc., a leading developer of digital content management and delivery solutions for sports stadium presentations and broadcasts, ChyronHego now offers the Click Effects family of products for live A/V entertainment production. Click Effects solutions are known for their power and reliability in high-pressure live sports and broadcast presentation environments, while also providing cost-effective and operator-friendly capabilities ranging from video playback and replay to data delivery, graphics generation, and audio content delivery. When paired with the graphics, playout, and real-time data management solutions in ChyronHego's product family, the Click Effects products offer a full solution in an end-to-end broadcast content creation, management, and delivery workflow.

Sports Production
For live sports broadcasting, ChyronHego will showcase a full 4K production workflow based on the industry-leading Paint telestration and analysis solution, the award-winning Virtual Placement family of products, and the world's most popular solution for broadcast graphics, LyricX. 

In addition, ChyronHego will introduce Live Arena for end-to-end sports arena productions. Running on standard hardware, this all-software solution integrates the Live Compositor, ChyronHego's Lyric® graphics, SHOUT social media editor, and Hybrid robotic camera-head control system. The result is the industry's most integrated solution for producing an entire arena show, including camera cuts, digital video effects, and social media tie-ins. The resolution-agnostic features of the ChyronHego tools are particularly valuable in an arena setting, which must be able to support any resolution, including the unusual aspect ratios of large video boards.

Channel Branding and Tickers
ChyronHego will demonstrate a state-of-the-art deployment for election graphics based on the NewsTicker Elections system from one of the company's latest acquisitions, Newsroom Solutions. With NewsTicker Elections, news productions are able to deploy accurate, data-driven, real-time ticker graphics for complete confidence in live reporting of election results. In addition, the company proudly introduces its latest channel branding and playout system, Channel Box PRIME, to the European market. PRIME is the company's most versatile offering ever to the channel-branding market, with an all-new dedicated rendering engine and scene designer.

Weather Graphics
ChyronHego will feature the newest version of Metacast, the company's industry-leading professional weather data analysis and live-to-air weather graphics presentation solution. One of the highlights of Metacast at the show will be its seamless integration into the CAMIO Universe, allowing anyone in the newsroom to utilize the expertise from the meteorologists in creating everything from weather-based news illustrations to full weather graphics rundown.

Company Overview
ChyronHego, a portfolio company of Vector Capital, is a global leader in products, services, and solutions for the broadcast and sports industries. Specializing in live television, news, and sports production, ChyronHego offers some of the industry's most widely deployed solutions including Lyric®, the world's most popular broadcast graphics creation and playout offering; the all-new CAMIO Universe newsroom workflow; and TRACAB", the global leader in optical sports tracking systems as well as ClickEffects, the most proven and versatile stadium broadcast family of graphics products. Headquartered in Melville, New York, ChyronHego also has offices in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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