ChyronHego at the 2019 NAB Show

Accelerating Producer-Driven News Workflows

Staying on top in today's highly competitive and rapidly changing broadcast world is an ongoing challenge for news producers everywhere. The key success factor is the ability to produce more stories faster and as cost-effectively as possible, with robust and easy-to-use tools that don't require specialized staff. ChyronHego's solution is the CAMIO Universe, an end-to-end, all-software ecosystem for multiplatform news delivery. The CAMIO Universe drives template-based, unified news workflows and places the industry's most powerful storytelling tools at producers' fingertips. The heart of the CAMIO Universe is ChyronHego's award-winning CAMIO graphic asset management system. At the 2019 NAB Show, ChyronHego will highlight CAMIO's extreme versatility and flexibility for news producers, with a focus on its seamless integration with virtually any newsroom computer system (NRCS) in the world.

Designed specifically for OTT content creation and publishing, ChyronHego's all-new Vidigo News will make its North American debut at the 2019 NAB Show. Vidigo News is an all-in-one newsroom production solution for templated, producer-driven OTT workflows that operate seamlessly alongside linear productions. Vidigo News packages ChyronHego's Vidigo Live Compositor for live multicamera production with the company's award-winning GFX solutions, the Live Assist production automation system, and a Live Assist Panels user interface. The result gives news producers a complete solution for expanding their presence with new-media audiences and delivering high-impact content faster and easier than ever before. 

Also on display will be PRIME Graphics 3.5, the latest version of ChyronHego's universal graphics platform. Driven by ChyronHego's powerful rendering engine, PRIME Graphics provides a single, easy-to-use 4K- and IP-ready graphics design and playout platform for better news storytelling — whether producers are looking to deliver a simple lower third or news ticker, a sophisticated and eye-catching video wall behind the anchor, or a touch screen that a reporter can use to illustrate the story. At the 2019 NAB Show, ChyronHego will highlight all-new GPU capabilities that enable PRIME to drive a virtually unlimited number of pixels and synchronize multiple outputs for highly sophisticated video walls of any screen size and shape. ChyronHego will also unveil powerful new HDR capabilities in PRIME for creating native HDR graphics and outputting them to an HDR channel.

ChyronHego will showcase the newest developments for its family of augmented reality (AR) graphics and virtual set solutions, all designed to make these advanced technologies accessible and affordable to news operations of all sizes. With ChyronHego's Hybrid AR solutions, news producers and journalists can create and drive highly sophisticated AR graphics with no more effort than it takes to create a lower third, all managed from the same NRCS rundown. Another key AR focus will be the new integration with Epic Games' Unreal Engine. With Unreal's industry-leading rendering and real-time special effects tools, news producers are now able to add eye-catching photorealistic and hyper-realistic elements to their on-air virtual sets and speed up the process of delivering AR graphics for day-to-day newscasts.

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Powerful and Effective Channel Branding 

Effective and compelling channel branding has never been more important for news producers, not only to reinforce the station's brand identity and retain audience share but also to open the door to lucrative new revenue opportunities. At the 2019 NAB Show, ChyronHego will feature the latest channel branding capabilities built into its NewsTicker 5 and PRIME Graphics solutions.

In use by 85 percent of the North American broadcast market, NewsTicker 5 is a robust, web-based platform for effortless creation of on-screen ticker displays. Through a tight integration with the PRIME Graphics platform, NewsTicker 5 is able to exploit all of PRIME Graphics' powerful data management capabilities for delivering localized channel branding and support for multiple languages, with seamless display of weather alerts and other breaking news data. An all-new, HTML 5-based user interface gives producers the ability to control shows remotely from their laptops or tablets and accelerates their ability to develop new sponsorships and other revenue-generating opportunities.


Supercharging Broadcast Sports

Sophisticated on-screen graphics for highlighting sports plays and illuminating the action are now a fixture of sports broadcasting, and viewers have come to expect features such as virtual first-down lines in football or replays in which analysts circle players and draw their movements on the screen. Broadcasters need tools that make generating these graphics as fast and easy as possible, but that also open a new range of opportunities for sponsorships and revenue generation. Designed with these specific goals in mind, ChyronHego's Paint and Virtual Placement solutions for real-time data visualization in live sports broadcasting will both be highlighted at the 2019 NAB Show.

With the Paint telestration and analysis tool, broadcasters are able to generate sophisticated Illustrated Replays™ by visually analyzing game play and graphically highlighting the video to be replayed. In addition to full 4K support and integration with industry-leading EVS and Grass Valley replay systems, Version 7.5 of Paint now includes tools for seamless and automatic publishing of the telestrated replay clips to social media outlets, including YouTube and Facebook.

ChyronHego's Virtual Placement adds robust, tied-to-surface virtual graphics to live productions without the need for a specialist operator, expensive camera sensors, or lengthy calibration processes. At the 2019 NAB Show, ChyronHego will highlight powerful new capabilities for maximizing revenue opportunities in Virtual Placement 7.1. For instance, a single Virtual Placement system can now output up to four different virtual graphics at once, accelerating localization of graphics and regionalization of advertising.

Another important new Virtual Placement 7.1 capability is remote graphics placement for international rights holders. Now, with a local Virtual Placement system on their premises, broadcasters anywhere can insert a virtual graphic into the clean feed downstream of the broadcast venue, with no additional calibration needed to make the graphic track realistically on the field. In this manner, they can avoid the expense and logistical challenges of deploying on-site production teams and equipment at the sports venue.

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Enhancing the Stadium/Venue Experience 

For sports teams and arenas, delivering an even more exciting and captivating in-venue experience is key to drawing fans away from their TV screens and into the stadium. LED screens are bigger, more sophisticated, and more complex than ever, with advanced technologies such as HDR making the on-screen presentation almost as exciting as what's actually happening on the field. ChyronHego's Click Effects PRIME is a set of highly integrated and turnkey graphics-authoring tools that make delivering these live arena- and stadium-based AV presentations almost as easy as "click-effect."

With Click Effects PRIME, stadiums can easily deliver AV presentations to any canvas size and any number of outputs in any resolution. At the 2019 NAB Show, ChyronHego will demonstrate new features that make the product even more versatile. While stadiums were previously limited to HD-SDI resolutions (e.g. 1920 x 1080) in order to synchronize outputs, Click Effects PRIME now includes native GPU-based technology for driving multiple screens at UHD resolutions and delivering a much higher number of pixels per physical output. With GPU power, Click Effects PRIME users can synchronize multiple outputs in native resolutions and across multiple physical servers, unleashing an almost infinite range of creative possibilities.

In addition, a new integration of Click Effects PRIME with industry-leading production switchers from Grass Valley now provides a single point of control for in-venue technical directors to switch shows and deliver game-in-progress graphics simultaneously to multiple displays.

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Company Quote:

"At our NAB booth this year, visitors will notice a common theme: tools that empower media companies to generate more revenue opportunities and capture broader audiences while staying within budgetary constraints. Whether it is virtually placing advertising on a field for broadcast or at the venue, or entering the new world of in-game betting, ChyronHego has a long history of taking live data and visualizing it to engage and entertain audiences wherever they may be. It's all about building more efficiencies into the workflows of our media customers and empowering news teams to tell more compelling stories. Across the board, you'll see enhancements to our products that help media companies seamlessly deliver compelling content to viewers watching over linear and digital platforms alike."

— Marco Lopez, ChyronHego CEO

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Company Overview:

ChyronHego, a portfolio company of Vector Capital, is a global leader in products, services, and solutions for the sports and broadcast industries. Its sports division specializes in creating, analyzing, and distributing sports data and sports video, as well as empowering the visualization of this content for a wide range of application areas. ChyronHego offers some of the industry's most widely deployed sports solutions — including TRACAB™ optical sports tracking system; TRACAB RF and TRACAB GO wearable tracking; and Coach Paint for video analysis.

Headquartered in New York, ChyronHego also has offices in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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