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ChyronHego at the 2017 Telemundo -- Expo Cine Video Television Show

LyricX -- Next-Generation Graphics Creation and Playout
ChyronHego will highlight the latest version of the company's industry-leading LyricX graphics creation and playout solution. LyricX adds powerful usability enhancements, a variety of new design features, and even greater performance than prior versions of the company's world-leading graphics platform.

LyricX allows users to move effortlessly between SDI and IP, and between 4K and HD video, all within the same graphics platform. In addition, LyricX provides native support for powering large video walls using built-in video matrix technology.

Image Caption: ChyronHego LyricX Graphics Creation and Playout

Telemundo - Expo Cine Video Television Show 
July 12-14
Stand D6

Live Compositor With Live Assist Panels
Live Compositor from ChyronHego is a powerful and intuitive software solution for live multicamera production, allowing both new and experienced broadcasters to create compelling live video content without the need for technically trained personnel. The solution includes video switching and audio mixing, a powerful video effects engine, multichannel graphics, multiple clip players, and robotic camera control, all packaged in an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution. 

At the 2017 Telemundo - Expo Cine Video Television Show, ChyronHego will demonstrate Live Compositor with the Live Assist Panels platform, an all-new user interface and control panel creation tool. The Live Assist Panels platform leverages the latest multiuser web technologies to enable creation of custom-designed user interfaces for control of any ChyronHego product, and it also supports a growing range of protocols used by ChyronHego and by other leading industry vendors.

Image Caption: Live Compositor With Live Assist Panels from ChyronHego
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Virtual Placement 7.0
ChyronHego will feature Virtual Placement, a powerful tool for turning the complex art of placing virtual graphics within live video into a quick and simple process. With no need to add any specialized camera encoders or lengthy calibration processes, users can place virtual graphics into a scene within minutes of setup, ready for use in a multitude of applications. Virtual Placement can be used in almost any live broadcast scenario, from augmenting physical studio sets with virtual objects or live broadcast graphics and video feeds, to much larger scenes such as sports arenas, racetracks, or landscapes. With version 7.0 of Virtual Placement, ChyronHego has added optical scene tracking -- giving the system the ability to gather metrics without using pitch lines or sensors. In this manner, Virtual Placement makes virtual elements look physically real and in harmony with the live scene they are placed into, and also brings the potential benefit of additional revenues from advertising placement.

Image Caption: ChyronHego Virtual Placement

Paint Telestration and Analysis Tool
ChyronHego will showcase its industry-leading Paint analysis and telestration tool. Designed to meet the specific requirements of sports broadcasters, Paint enables "Illustrated Replay" -- a powerful combination of replay, graphics, and analysis that brings game play to life. With Paint, sports broadcasters have the ability to telestrate on clips created from live footage or files stored elsewhere. These can be used for near-live replays or post-match analysis. 

Image Caption: ChyronHego Paint

Hybrid Virtual Graphics Solution
ChyronHego's Hybrid virtual studio/augmented reality tracking solutions provide real-time, precise camera motion within 2D or 3D computer-generated backgrounds. From hand-held camera movements to pan-tilt-zoom-focus, Hybrid employs an open and scalable solution for tracking virtual reality, whether using precise motion-tracking robotic camera support with no video/audio delays, or interfacing with third-party tracking systems. ChyronHego will spotlight its Hybrid trackless studio solution, a compact, cost-effective, turnkey single-box offering. The Hybrid virtual graphics solutions are an important component in ChyronHego's CAMIO Universe, a comprehensive software-based newsroom production ecosystem that empowers producers and journalists to create compelling news stories and deliver them rapidly to air.

Image Caption: ChyronHego Hybrid Virtual Studio

Metacast -- Weather Graphics
ChyronHego will feature the newest version of Metacast, the company's professional weather data analysis and live-to-air weather graphics presentation solution. One of the highlights of Metacast at the show will be its seamless integration into the CAMIO Universe, allowing anyone in the newsroom to utilize meteorologists' expertise in creating everything from weather-based news illustrations to a full weather graphics rundown.

Image Caption: ChyronHego Metacast

Company Overview

ChyronHego, a portfolio company of Vector Capital, is a global leader in products, services, and solutions for the broadcast and sports industries. Specializing in live television, news, and sports production, ChyronHego offers some of the industry's most widely deployed solutions -- including Lyric(R), the world's most popular broadcast graphics creation and playout offering; the all-new CAMIO Universe newsroom workflow; and the TRACAB(TM) optical sports tracking system. Headquartered in New York, ChyronHego also has offices in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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