CEntrance Simplifies Mobile Content Creation

Las Vegas, NV —NAB — March 27, 2019 — At the National Association of Broadcasters show (NAB – April 6-11) CEntrance will debut new ways of creating professional audio content for Video, Podcasting, ENG, and live streaming, with the new MixerFace and MicPort Pro portable devices.

MixerFace is a passport-sized, 4-input audio mixer that records to your smartphone, the built-in SD card recorder, or even both, for redundancy. A combination of Mobile Mixer, Recorder, and USB Audio Interface, it features professional sound quality and a rechargeable battery that lasts 8 hours. MixerFace mounts to a mic stand or a tripod and connects to DSLR and video cameras. Paired with a smartphone or a camera, the device improves audio quality over typical on-camera audio, dramatically improving production values of both professional and semi-professional video shoots. Endorsed by touring artists, MixerFace is the ideal mixer and recorder for working remotely or in the studio.

“I used MixerFace R4 in France in August while I was traveling and the recordings were fantastic,” said Joe Cipriano, one of the top voice-over announcers in the United States, who has worked for NBC, ABC, CBS, and FoxTV, and other major networks.

MicPort Pro 2 is a vacuum tube-sized recording interface for your smartphone. It improves on the highly successful MicPort Pro, which has been a staple of Voice-Over artists for years. The new model includes CEntrance's Jasmine™ Mic Preamp, which features lower noise and higher gain, adds an internal rechargeable battery to allow recording with phones and tablets, and features a standard camera shoe mount. An ideal way to connect a broadcast mic to your cell phone, MicPort Pro will be invaluable for content creation on-the-go.

“MixerFace is the perfect solution for broadcast, podcast, and video streaming,” said Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO. “We have a long history of top voice-over talent using CEntrance devices for portable recording. MixerFace R4R offers one-touch recording, onboard 48V phantom power, dual Jasmine mic-pres, and video camera line-out, making it a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in the field. Mounted to a video camera, both products give you better sound in ‘run-and-gun’ situations.”

MixerFace comes in three models. R4 retails for $349. USD (shipping now), R4R adds a built-in SD card recorder, $449. USD (shipping now), R4B adds a pair of XY mics and SD recorder, $499. USD (shipping in Q2 2019).

MicPort Pro 2 is $249 USD (shipping in Q2 2019). NAB attendees can stop by and try the Mixer-Recorder devices at the CEntrance booth #N5621 (https://www.nabshow.com).

Discover more about MixerFace here: https://centrance.com/mixerface/

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