California Public TV Station KCET Establishes Versatile Communications Network With Riedel's Artist and RockNet

WUPPERTAL, Germany -- April 5, 2016 -- Riedel Communications today announced that KCET, the United States' largest independent public television station, is using the Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system and RockNet real-time audio network to support flexible communications across its production facilities and to enable stable, secure distribution of audio between its studios and control rooms.

"We require total flexibility and connectivity so that we can easily interconnect and collaborate across different studios for larger productions, or insulate the different aspects of the operation to support multiple independent productions simultaneously," said Gordon Bell, vice president of engineering at KCET. "As our clients and staff have become ever more familiar with the Riedel gear, they have found our new communications network to be a very powerful tool."

Serving Southern and Central California, KCET operates from a state-of-the-art broadcast facility in Burbank. The public broadcaster also rents out its studio space, which includes an innovative virtual studio. Within these facilities, KCET users the Artist system to link two control rooms, two production stages, 15 edit bays, tape rooms, master control/on-air operations, transmission, and an insert studio.

Six Connect Duo telephone hybrids serve as an interface between the Artist intercom system and ISDN and PSTN public telephone networks, providing a valuable connection to the outside world during live broadcasts. The Riedel Artist system is also integrated with KCET's Telex BTR wireless systems and with its Harris Platinum SDI router via a MADI connection, the latter allowing KCET to connect any audio source directly in and out of the Artist frame while keeping signals in the digital realm.

"As a digital communications system with functions including MADI I/O and enhanced user interfaces, the Artist offers features and capabilities that just don't exist elsewhere," said Tyler Ries of KCET's engineering department. "We chose the RockNet system for similar reasons. The all-digital, redundant audio network allows for reliable connections and eliminates a mess of patch cords while enabling on-the-fly reconfigurations that don't interrupt production."

The RockNet system gives KCET a stable and robust connection between stages and control rooms while facilitating versatile creation of digital audio links throughout the facility as needed. Integrated seamlessly with KCET's Yamaha digital mixing consoles, the Riedel system also provides high-quality microphone pre-amplification and digital conversion.

"An award-winning creator and distributor of cultural and educational programming, KCET is among the nation's most-watched public television stations," said Joyce Bente, president and CEO of Riedel North America. "We're proud that KCET has put our Artist and RockNet systems to work in supporting these productions and in enhancing its facility rental services."

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