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OnDemand 2.0 and Mediaflex® a Perfect Complement

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (IBC Stand 2.A41/Ontario Pavilion + 2.B59) - September 9, 2015 - TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) and BroadView Software have joined forces to address what is the foremost concern at IBC 2015: the transition from traditional linear programming to the emerging OnDemand environment.

Following several year's joint development of an OnDemand system for one of the world’s largest- pay-TV programmers, BroadView and TMD are now sharing their next-generation solution, the full integration of TMD's Mediaflex suite of software applications with BroadView's OnDemand 2.0. Mediaflex prepares content for the OnDemand environment with workflow automation and media asset management. This dovetails with BroadView's OnDemand 2.0, a robust production platform that enables efficient, cost-effective multiplatform content scheduling and preparation. Together, they provide an end-to-end system for managing and publishing content for the emerging multiplatform environment.

Tony Taylor, CEO and Chairman of TMD says that combining Mediaflex with BroadView's OnDemand 2.0 marks a technological turning point:

"TMD and BroadView have long established reputations for providing best-of-breed solutions in our respective areas, and integrating these opens the door for those now ready to enter the multiplatform environment. Together, we have effectively answered the question that many have been asking for some time - 'what is the practical way to provide OnDemand content?'"

Michael Atkin, BroadView Founding Partner and President, says that the combined systems establish the industry standard:

"Both BroadView and TMD have been hands-on addressing the real-world issues that face media companies in this challenging transition to OnDemand. While others are now announcing their plans to provide these tools, our systems are already in operation. We have come to IBC 2015 to demonstrate that the OnDemand future is here and now."


About BroadView Software:

BroadView Software Inc. is the global leader for multi-language, multi-currency, multiplatform media management. It is the choice of Broadcast Operators, Ad Sales Professionals, CIOs and CFOs alike for information-management solutions. BroadView's comprehensive toolset for programming, traffic and sales operates seamlessly across online, OnDemand, broadcast, satellite and cable. The core system's highly configurable architecture makes it a cost-effective fit for most. For enterprises with custom needs, BroadView is also a well-established technology partner for OnDemand, linear scheduling, workflow, and content and media management. BroadView's seventh generation technology provides industry-leading functionality and ease-of-use. This, combined with expertise in integrations, training and support maximizes value and increases profitability for our clients.

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For media inquiries, please contact: Carl Lindemann, Marketing Communications Consultant +1-512-495-1511

For sales and product inquiries, please contact: BroadView Software Inc. +1-647-255-3500

About TMD:

TMD is a global leader focused on designing and delivering media & content management solutions and associated services to the global media, broadcast and archive sectors. Headquartered in Aylesbury UK the company’s Mediaflex software applications provide a platform for the management of both traditional physical media, such as film and video tape, as well as digital content. TMD has also developed a range of cost-effective packaged solutions for non-linear delivery, post production and archiving applications, all powered by Mediaflex. They are ideal for small and medium sized companies or departments within large companies looking for a flexible, scalable point solution. The Chameleon browser interface has been designed to be easy to use, requiring little to no user training. TMD’s global reach includes office locations in the USA and Australia.

For additional information on TMD products and services, please visit:

For media inquiries, please contact: Mary Wyatt, TMD Ltd +44-1296-745-080

For sales and product inquiries, please contact: TMD Inc. +1-512-600-3133