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BroadView Software's Program Campaign Manager Delivers Efficiencies

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – (NAB Booth N4424) April 26, 2017 – At NAB 2017, BroadView Software, the industry-leading tech firm focused on media management solutions, is demonstrating the efficiencies created by its Promotion Campaign Manager (PCM), an integrated module designed to simplify and automate all aspects of promotion scheduling and management.

The PCM clears one of the most problematic bottlenecks in traffic workflow, an inefficiency that costs media operations countless hours in staff time by introducing errors and inaccuracies. With dynamic links between series, episodes and programs to promos, changes in schedules carry over to promotions seamlessly.  

The PCM was created in response to customer requests for a fully integrated promotional experience, one that can work seamlessly with existing workflows. PCM's design addresses the challenges of existing methodologies. The end result, shaped by BroadView's unique asset-centric approach, is a fully integrated toolset that improves efficiency while allowing for rich promotion campaign planning and targeted execution.

"Since its introduction at NAB 2016, the PCM has been proven in several different media settings," said Michael Atkin, BroadView Founding Partner and President. "By applying our asset-centric approach to the problem, we've developed a practical solution that offers a fundamental advance in day-to-day operations."

Visitors to BroadView's booth at NAB will be able to get a hands-on view of how the PCM has streamlined workflow for early adopters creating a "setup and forget" approach to executing promotional campaigns.

"Before the PCM, changes in the schedule scrambled promo placement. Replotting them manually is time consuming, and the PCM's ability to carry that out automatically with schedule changes and/or exports to automation simplifies the delivery of sophisticated promo campaigns. The 'setup and forget' nature of this module provides assurances to the user that even with last minute changes, promos will always be where they should be," said Atkin. 


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BroadView Software Inc. is the choice of Broadcast Operators, Ad Sales Professionals, CIOs and CFOs alike for information-management solutions in today's multiplatform media environment. BroadView's comprehensive toolset for programming, traffic and sales operates seamlessly across online, OnDemand, broadcast, satellite and cable. The core system's highly configurable architecture makes it a cost-effective fit for most. For enterprises with custom needs, BroadView is also a well-established technology partner for OnDemand, linear scheduling, workflow, and content and media management. BroadView's eighth generation technology provides industry-leading functionality and ease-of-use. This, combined with expertise in integrations, training and support maximizes value and increases profitability for our clients.For more information visit:

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